Layniewear & Style Your Destiny Grand Party!

That’s right, there’s a party going on right here from 12pm onwards! In fact, someone better tell Torley Linden, the theme is…WATERMELON! Goodies galore as well, so get your bottoms here and support Laynie and co!
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Theft-it’s not big and it’s not clever so don’t bloody do it.

Just read this blog post on Laynie’s blog and I’m really saddened by it.  Content theft is making the news on a daily basis now, but this seems to be taking it one step further..let me be straight about my feelings on it- it’s simply NOT acceptable to threaten and then steal someone’s creations to make a political point.  It doesn’t gain you respect, and it certainly doesn’t help your cause.  Second Life is a virtual world but just because it isn’t ‘real’, it doesn’t render it a soft target. 

Theft is theft pure and simple, and isn’t tolerated in the real world so why should that be any different in a virtual one?

If you have strong beliefs then use Second Life to make your voice heard in way that will encourage debate and inform people.  Here’s an example, Alex1 Richardson has established the ‘Lift the Ban’ HQ in world to educate people about homophobia in the US military and the ramifications of it.  I had no idea about the issue until I visited and left feeling educated and with an understanding of the problem and what was being done to take action against it in the real world. Alex didn’t threaten anyone, he didn’t steal anything..he set up a fundraising organisation using his own money.  Whether you agree with his cause or not, he has gone about furthering his cause in a civil, non hurtful way.

Please don’t stoop so low as to threaten people and then steal their work. If you are passionate about your cause then follow Alex1’s example, and look to other activists on the grid who have raised awareness for their causes by using their imaginations, and be inspired by them.

Kitty goes all Sn@tch hippy!

Yet *another* corking outfit from Ivey Deschanel. These trousers are divine, with their patchwork madness rendered to perfection. There’s a number of matching tops that you can opt to wear with the trousers, and also a prim belt. Apparently Ivey’s inspiration came from seeing someone wear something very similar on ‘American Idol’, and she’s created these pants for us all to enjoy in world. Wonder if she can apply the same magic to my bloody awful singing voice? Also, if you’ve never visited her blog before, I suggest you take a peek. Ivey writes from her heart about designing and a lot of what she says is spot on..go take a look here.

Orchid dreams + Style Starts here + ETD= Springtime Happiness

As I said yesterday, I was given a HUGE package of nomminess from Orchid Dreams to review.  Some of it was skins and hair which I tried on and they were excellent quality, BUT I don’t like to be photographed in any other shape or skin as it doesn’t feel right. The hair was Geisha hair so it didn’t look right on me, BUt teamed with the skin it was Japanese perfection. I’m sorry I can’t demonstrate this to you  BUT trust me on this, if you are looking for a perfect Geisha skin and shape, then you’d be foolish not to visit and try them out.  Anyways, things I do do are accessories, and check out this suede embossed belt in teal and the pretty lil wedge shoes! Alas, you can’t see the shoes that well, so I’ll take another picture BUT these are rollickingly good wedge heels that come in a variety of spring-like shades and will be perfect for your spring wardrobe.   I love the little ribbon detail on the ankle strap-I’m a sucker for details and as you will see on the shoes and the embossed belt that Emeriselle Theas is a veritable detail expert…I’ve mixed the belt and shoes with this dress from ‘Style Starts Here’, and hat (with hair) from ETD.  It’s a nice fresh springy look, perfect for frolicking in a meadow and picking daffodils.  I like daffodils:)

Icing fashion Show

Alas, had to leave Codie stranded on the dancefloor so that I could zoom over to KMADD for the icing fashion show.  These guys really know how to host a fashion event, the sets are *always* stunning.  Alas, only a few outfits in and the uber-lag caused my SL session to crash.  If it wasn’t so late I’d attempt to go back in, but no matter.  The outfits I saw during my brief stay were enough to wet my appetite, so I’ll be taking a trip to Icing tomorrow!

Slow dancing with Codie:)

Bumped into uber-nommage that is CBR at the ‘Silent Sparrow Relaunch’ party.  We made a great couple slowdancing on the poseballs, lol! Black and Red go together so well, don’tcha think? The DJ was playing some terrific music and I saw some of the most striking and colourful avatars that I have seen in a very long time:)

Orchid Dreams Midnight Kimono

I’ve just had a review box dropped on me by Orchid Dreams and I swear to god it’s like Christmas day all over again.
I’m too tired to write about it all tonight and do it any justice, and believe me it would be wrong to not tell you exactly how wonderful the items I have received are. So I’ll share them with you tomorrow.
For now though, a sneak preview….

Support your local Furry!

Check out The Avastar this week, as the lead story suggests that furries are in decline.  I really hope not.  The grid would be such a boring place without the colour and originality that furries bring to our virtual world, and the fact that that Luskwood, a beautiful place if you’ve never been, gets griefed on a daily basis saddens me no end.  I have a fair few friends who indulge in furriness and it makes not a jot of difference to our personal relationships, so why the big deal?  It’s amazing isn’t how just like in RL there are those who believe that certain groups and movements should be  suppressed and driven into extinction or driven underground. It’s utterly pathetic.  I’m confident that we’re not witnessing furry genocide though..remember these guys have teeth and claws and DO fight back. Offer your support, I swear if you visit Luskwood you’ll have an amazing time.  Engage a local in conversation, say ‘Hi’, in fact even better offer them a hug and just show them that you care.  Second Life would be a poorer place without them.

Tesla makes Kitty go all Lalafoofoo!

I know I’ve blogged to infinity and beyond about Tesla, but quite frankly if she keeps producing such stupendous content then I’m going to keep blogging about it! She’s updated her FREE, yes FREE, ‘Elise Mary Jane Heels’ and they look *lovely*. They’re an essential in any SL girls wardrobe and were fantastic before, but now they are super-shiny and defined. You have to respect any in-world designer who creates items and gives them away for free, but when a designer revisits their freebie and refreshes it? Well, that’s some designer….Anyway, I was busily trying to think of an ensemble that would show these beauties in their best light. To be frank, you could probably just wear these and that would be enough, *but* not all of us want to air our pixels in public, so a fitting ensemble was definitely on the cards. Cue Lalafoofoo, where you’ll find separates that mix and match to perfection and are not only beautifully rendered but exceptionally reasonably priced to boot. The Henley top that I’m wearing is backless and detail on both the leggings and the top are more than adequate. The store is located within Celestial Studios, and when you read the associated blog you’ll discover that the designer is actually Starley’s sister! Good design skills must be genetic:) The ensemble is finished off with some colour change earrings from Lulu and a gorgeous hair rose from Essence.
A pretty, neat look:)