Roll up, Roll up for the Zombie Popcorn Carnival!

From June 15th-June 30th you can indulge yourself into the surreal madness that is all things Zombie popcorn at this fantastic carnival. The build is astonishing; lots of rides and plenty of photo opportunities, not to mention the fantastic array of vendors! Check out for the details, and be sure to bring lindens. And face wipes, popcorn and candy floss get sticky….
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Handverk for Stumblebum

Of course, Stumblebum isn’t just about fashionable clothes, it’s about fashionable furniture too. This is the ‘Serene Seafoam Kelp Chair Set’ which features mesh goodness in the shape of chair, table and rug. The chair has 20 single and 5 couple poses, and it’s a very nice, stylish but (imho) expensive selection at L$319.
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Sweetness is my weakness; DCNY for Stumblebum

If you’re looking for pretty and girly fashion then DCNY has just the dress this Stumblebum weekend! Called ‘Sweetness’ each one features a delicate pattern and full skirt. L$113 each, in all colours of the Stumblebum palette. (If upi’re getting hitched in Sl here’s a thought, these would make awesome bridesmaid outfits, don’t you think?)
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Whippet & Buck’s Stumblebum bikini… very special indeed. Called ‘Mind Like Water'; there are five colours to choose from (all of the palette this time round) and each one features stitch detailing upon cup and crotch ( I said like water, not filth!) as well as a lovely shaping especially upon the bra. I think these are really beautiful, and they’re a steal at L$45 apiece! Which one to get?? Choose from blue, brown, cloudy, nude or turquoise.
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It’s Stumblebum time again! My Macrame Suit @ ‘Blah’

First we had FLF, now we have the bi-weekly that is Stumblebum. The designers are each provided a colour palette to choose from; this time it’s a cool palette combining some muted hues of cream, blue and yellow. Blah has selected three colours to feature upon this lovely macrame suit. This would look well under a number of things (try the blazers from Nyte and Day, totally unrelated but they have a 25% off sale this weekend!!) or worn alone. L$120 per colour; choose from nude, angelic or juicy.
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Kitty meets the Fennux

So I’m guessing that the breedable model is still popular, seeing as there’s another entry due to be launched onto the grid imminently! These are Fennux. Obviously they’re relatives of the Fennec Fox.  I think they look great, and it will be interesting to see what makes them stand out from their competitors. There’s a very informative website too.  In the meantime if you’re interested in checking them out why not come along to the Fennux region via the link below?
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Kittycats: Tiger, tiger, burning bright!

I hinted at these in my earlier Kittycats post, so thought I’d take a quick snap to share with you all. These are the Kittycats ‘Le Tigre Bengal’, and they’re sodding amazing aren’t they? They’re available in a variety of sizes: BUT can only be purchased by Kittydollars, which you get from relinquishing kittens to the menagerie. ( You can buy them privately of course, but why would you want to part with one of these?) The system is intended to  keep them nice and exclusive and I hope it succeeds.Aren’t they glorious? A normal kitty is 10K$, a toy is 12K$ and a teacup is also 12K$. Seeing as I only have 600K$ in my savings the chances of me getting one are slim to none, but aren’t they precious?
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