Getting ready for happy Halloweeny time!


Noam Sprocket (Gritty Kitty) generously sent out Halloween 2008 gifts to his subscription group last night, and by heck they’re good! Last year was my first Halloween (Samhain) in world, and a corker it was too. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been looking forward to this year’s festivities with mucho gusto-especially because Noam sent out a hat last year that was the most amazing Witch Hat I’ve ever seen! ( And it got me front page on The Avastar too!) This year I’ll be wearing his latest hat’s based on last years beauty, but he’s smartened it up a tad and made it even more lush than before (as if that was even possible!) It’s an exceptionally wonderful freebie this; the detailing and texture work on this hat are excellent, as you would expect from Messr Sprocket. That’s not enough’s colour change too! WOOT! Therefore it will go with *everything* in your Halloween wardrobe! AND that’s not all- as if a hat wasn’t enough, you get a scarf too. Last year, again, we had a scarf which I absolutely adored. This year he’s upped the stakes again providing two sizes for your enjoyment, a fatty and a thinny. These are so good you can carry on wearing them throughout winter too, because they look superb against winter coats, and as you can see the slim variety makes a fabboo nipple warmer. Ahem. Anyways, I’m sure that if you JOIN the Gritty Kitty group and check in the archives you’ll find these freebietastic goodies to keep all to yourself-and here’s a hint, try and stay in the group because Noam sends out CRACKING stuff towards Xmas ;P Oh, and because these are FREE you won’t need to waste your Lindens on any inferior quality and frankly quite boring hats this year…..oh happy days!

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