Kitty Kat Von D

So I’m sat watching TV (a rare occurrence actually) when ‘Miami Ink’ appears on the screen and I sit down with a brew to enjoy. Whilst watching the team create some truly amazing body-art I ponder if there’s a skin that emulates the beautiful Kat Von D in Second Life? Yes, there is…yay! A quick mooch around SLX (now re-named ‘X Street SL’, wtf?) and I found the little beauty I’m wearing here. It’s called ‘Kat’ and is by D:Tox Designs. It looks great actually- the stars around the left eye are perfect, and the tattoo trails down the right leg, festooned with flowers and pin-up girls. I really love the lips and the nails are ready-varnished which means I can wear my favourite Panjen fingerless gloves without sacrificing my manicure:). The skin costs L$850 and I am really enjoying it, it’s a very radical look for me but is lots of fun. I wasn’t going to broadcast my virtual tuppy to the world so I’ve only done a semi-nude shot, but the ad can be viewed by clicking here:)

3 thoughts on “Kitty Kat Von D”

  1. OMG I effing love this kitty. You are so hot and as kat von d your are that much hotter I love Kat. She is sexy. Keep them coming hun. Love ya

    Kelli D


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