Kitty’s Tip Of The Month: January Skin Ideas

Kitty’s Tip Of The Month: January Skin Ideas

Kitty quicky ahoy! Here’s a useful tip: When you buy a skin make sure you contact the creator (ALWAYS via note-card, rather than IM as those can often get lost and you may think the designer is ignoring you, you paranoid chuff) and ask them for the RGB for the skin tone that you’re wearing.

This will help immensely when attaching appearance enhancements, like mesh ears.  For bonus points, ask them if they know of any content creators that create mesh wares that perfectly match this skin tone, too. 

Transfer the data to a note-card stored in your inventory and you’ll always have that info available if you want to change skin. Of course, it would be super helpful if designers included this in note-cards within their skin packages (some do, some don’t) but nae bother, for the sake of a few minutes of writing you can find out for yourself !

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