The cutest little Kittywitch!


I’m the kind of girl who really does appreciate a quality group gift. Of course, you have to be in a quality group to begin with, and there are many of them in SECOND LIFE.
One example is MAGIKA hair, and this seasonal gift is nothing short of absolute Halloween perfection.  It’s called ‘Sorcery’ and includes a mesh hat + hair just for being in the group, and the style couldn’t be anymore enticing if it tried.  It has an almost coquettish quality to it, and is the perfect shade of Halloween green, although if you purchase the latest release, ‘Darkness Falls’ you’ll find that the colour packs are compatible with the gift.

I teamed it with a lovely shirt, jumper and jacket combo from APHORISM.  This is part of the ‘Autumn Jackets’ collection that is available from THE SEASONS STORY (beginning 10th October) and the textures on this are nothing short of perfect.  Zoom in and you’ll see chunky knit and stitching and a lovely, clunky belt that ties the combination together perfectly. The Jacket comes in 6 colours, Black, Charcoal, Grey, Pale Grey, Blue and Brown, and also included is a texture change pad with 6 colour options for the sweater. Even better than that, Maitreya Autohide is enabled too. HUZZAH!

My skirt is a jazzy wee number from R3VOLT called the ‘Heather’ skirt. I chose it because the HUD featured some grimy textures that were perfect for this look. They’re a label that I’m quite fond of actually and produce a great range of urban-styled pieces to mix and match together.  I’m also rather keen on these ‘Strap Leggings’ from ABRASIVE, which is another of one of those stores that once you find it you need to LM it for future reference.

I still feel the need to wear these exceptional NCORE ‘Alexandra’ boots at every opportunity but they’re so darn wearable and the HUD sock options alone make them a fantastic purchase for and edgy fashion look.

To finish I added my favourite eyeliner and a glorious lip stain from ADORED, a sweet Kitty septum ring from CX @ UBER and one of my favourite bracelets, ‘Eternal Life’ by YUMMY. Gearing up for Halloween in style aren’t we? WEEEEE!!!

Kitty wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair ‘Katra’ Polar (NB)

EYES: Fashism (Now ‘Ikon’– these eyes are from 2011!) ‘Sunrise Eyes’ in Eggplant

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)

HAIR: Magika ‘Sorcery’ (includes hat) GROUP GIFT

TOP: Aphorism ‘Autumn Jacket’ from THE SEASONS STORY (Opens October 10th)

SKIRT:R3volt ‘Heather’ Skirt

TIGHTS/LEGGINGS: Abrasive ‘Strap Leggings’

BOOTS: N-Core ‘Alexandra’ Boots @ KUSTOM 9 

Accessories: Lipstain (worn on PXL Sweet Lips) from ADORED, Eyeliner by MONS (black eyeliner, series 3) Eyebrows by JUST MAGNETIZED (Diva Brunette 01) Feline septum by CX from UBER and ‘Eternal Life’ bracelet by YUMMY

Lawks-a-lawdy, I’m BACK!!!

OH HAI! So, I’m pleased to announce that my wonderful PC is here; I’m back in Second Life and I’m playing Kitty catch-up with mucho gusto. Guys, the PC is so much better than I could have ever dreamed about, I’ve been thoroughly spoiled and I can run SL in Ultra without it even breaking a sweat.  Thank you so much to my beloved, Jez, for spending a small fortune upon me. I promise I’m worth it!  The difference it’s making to my picture taking is beyond belief too and here’s a funny thing; I’ve noticed that just by using the one-click ‘enhance’ function in Windows 10 photo settings my pictures are spruced up to such an extent that I’m not even needing to Picmonkey them (unless I want to, of course). 26092015_002Of course, it helps if your foundations are good to start with, and they are precisely that for this shot. I’m wearing ZOUL CREATIONS ‘Brianna’ skin, the ‘Cara’ dress from APHORISM and this exceptional beehive, ‘Fall Ball’ from VANITY HAIR.  I’m really loving the recent up-do releases from VANITY HAIR and they each add an element of sophistication to your outfits.  This style in particular, ‘Fall Ball’,  is a bit of a bargain, and it’s currently available on the marketplace in the absolutely perfect ‘Must Haves’ pack for a measly L$50! (No, I’m not joking, look!)

The ‘Cara’ dress from APHORISM is a lovely, solid mesh outfit that also exudes class and under-stated glamour.  The full sleeves with contrast cuffs and collar add a retro edge to an otherwise basic shift.  Simple and super effective, when teamed with this hairstyle you really don’t need to accessorise that much to achieve maximum awesome from your look.  Of course quality footwear is a must with an outfit of this kind, and I feel that despite the dress being simple it’s worthy of more than a pair of simple flats.  Fortunately, N-CORE have come to the rescue with these astonishing ALEXANDRA boots.  As boots go these are just stunning; well textured and with the kind of heel that means you can clean the cobwebs from the ceiling with your head! They cover plenty of bases: dress ‘em saucy and kinky or use them to just add an element of pizzaz to an otherwise relatively conservative outfit, which is just what I’ve done here. The Arcade_008To finish is the ‘Brianna’ skin, yet another simply imperial release from SHANTIA SOULSTAR who has worked her backside off in 2015 producing some absolutely top-notch skins.   Every single release has been a winner, with Shantia’s exemplary make-ups adding totally new dimensions to her skin range.  I challenge you to find a better array of bespoke lipsticks and eyeshadows.  Each release is a treat, ‘Brianna’ is no exception! I think you’ll agree that this is a cracking look to return with, and get ready for some serious LOTD posts as I get back into the swing of blogging.  It’s October which means there is lots to get excited about on the grid; Second Life really does seem to come alive at this time of year! HUZZAH! 

Kitty wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Zoul Creations ‘Brianna’ SK3  Dk Brows chA ( Green 03 eyeshadow, Orangey 3 lip)

EYES: IKON  ‘Triumph Eyes’ Armor / ‘Hope Eyes’ Crimson

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)


DRESS: Aphorism ‘Cara’ in Black  SHINY SHABBY

BOOTS: N-Core ‘Alexandra’ Boots @ KUSTOM 9 

WITCHY WEEK: ‘Bia’ by Baiastice

The Mabon Queen

Make no mistake guys, this latest round of COLLABOR88 has been an absolute winner.  Of course I’m bound to say that I suppose, seeing as the blog is called Kittywitchin’, I’m ‘The Kittywitch’, and the theme for C88 this month is ‘Muted Coven’, but even if I hadn’t been of a Pagan persuasion I genuinely feel it would have been a runaway success owing to the quality of the items.

In fact, I get the feeling that the COLLABOR88 team have taken some time out to think and assess what works and what doesn’t about the event.  For a start, the majority of the items this month are bang on target with regards to the brief. I didn’t spot any startling faux pas as I have in previous months (Oh the theme is this month is flowery sparkles? I know, let’s have latex underwear, that works! (Said no-one ever))  The content itself including all the clothing, accessories and builds are astonishing which probably explains why it has taken me days to get in.  It’s absolutely rammed (you stand a better chance of getting into THE ARCADE than C88!) C88 doesn’t do duff stuff but this month it’s in another league.

So because it’s all things witchy, and it’s all things bloody fabulous as far as this blog is concerned, AND it’s my RL birthday tomorrow (13th) I’ve decided to celebrate with WITCHY WEEK!

I’m not even an official C88 blogger (and they sure as hell don’t need the publicity!) BUT when you find things that are so far up your street as to be in your pantry pinching your crisps then YES I’m going to blog about them.  (Edit: I do sometimes wonder what people who aren’t from the UK and/or used to my sense of humour actually think about the nonsense I write upon these pages; for that I apologise but what can I say, when I’m enthusiastic I verbalise drivel by the bucket load. You’ve probably noticed!)

So let’s begin ‘Witchy Week’ with something absolutely stonking, the ‘Bia’ collar and dress from Sissy Pessoa, the creative Goddess behind BAIASTICE.

To be honest, I don’t know what I can write about Sissy and her label that I haven’t said before.  Her work is consistently outstanding and she’s been a right little trailblazer carving out her own niche in the SECOND LIFE fashion world with her consistently breath-taking designs. Sissy makes some of the best high-end fashion on the grid, and each release is as satisfying as the last.  She uses the best textures, applies the most exquisite details and shapes each creation with style and panache that is only mastered by a handful of creators on the grid.

Her latest release, ‘Bia’, has all the hallmarks of a SECOND LIFE classic.  This gown and accompanying collar scream haute couture with a twisted edge, yet are so adaptable that they could be worn at a Christmas Ball, a Yuletide extravaganza or a Halloween party.  The paler versions of the gown lend themselves perfectly to weddings, and because this is ‘Witchy Week’ let me draw attention to the fact that any of the colours of the dresses could be worn by High Priestesses at Sabbat gatherings.  Imagine casting a circle wearing this ensemble, oosh!PicMonkey Collage

Here I am wearing two examples of the gown.  I’ve chosen the brown  version for my main shot because it feels very ‘Mabonesque’; by that I mean that we’re approaching Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, and it struck me that this ensemble would be  perfect for that.  The red would be wonderful for Yule, although I feel it would actually be more appropriate to a Pagan fire festival such as Beltane.You can wear these gowns without the long skirt, which adds a nifty twist to an already near perfect ensemble, and the matching collars with their feather embellishment really finish off the look.

To further enhance this beautiful ensemble I decided to add my ‘Moonriver’ hair by VANITY HAIR, along with the latest skin from ZOUL CREATIONS.  This is ‘Brianna’ and by gum she’s gorgeous. As always, not only has SHANTIA SOULSTAR created a perfect base-skin, but the makeups are sublime, whichever lipstick and eyeshadow you choose  to compliment your appearance.  I really love the brows on this skin as well; they’re not overly thin and have a delicate arch  which really sets the whole eye area off.  The lipsticks really enhance the pout as well and each one is a real treat to wear.


I don’t think this is the last time you’ll see me wearing this particular outfit during ‘Witchy Week’, and I hope you’ve been inspired to try to get into COLLABOR88 and pick up this glorious gown.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Kitty wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Zoul Creations ‘Brianna’ SK3  Dk Brows chA

(First pic: Bronze 03 eyeshadow, Orangey 3 lip)

(Second Pic: Black 03 eyeshadow, Red 03 lip)

EYES: IKON  ‘Triumph Eyes’ Armor / ‘Hope Eyes’ Crimson

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)

HAIR: Vanity Hair ‘Moonriver’ (Materials Ombres) (Crown worn with red ensemble was a free gift at the Vintage & Cool Event)

DRESS/COLLAR: Baiastice ‘Bia’ Dress and Collar (available in ten colours; Kitty wears Choco and Red in these shots) COLLABOR88

And then Kitty’s ovaries exploded..

Jez BodyAfter what has seemed like an eternity spent waiting (although very patiently so, obviously) the SLINK PHYSIQUE MALE has arrived.  HALLELUJAH!

Guys, he’s *exactly* what I was hoping for. Like the SLINK PHYSIQUE FEMALE this is an accomplished mesh body that photographs well and is incredibly easy to wear and style. You know what I really like about  though?  It’s NOT a body for aspirational bodybuilder types. ‘ManSLink’  is toned and far more Hugh Dancy in build than Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and that suits me just fine. Obviously when you wear a mesh body it’s your underlying shape which plays a huge role in how the mesh will look, but this is the body worn out of the box on Jez and he didn’t need to make any changes, which is incredibly satisfying.  ManSLink (the nickname for this body release; and it rather suits!) is built to fit the XS Slink hands and isn’t keen on too much additional body fat; fortunately for us Jez’s shape is lean and already has the requisite sliders turned down to 0.  It really does fit him incredibly well.  Something that is rather special about  ManSLink is that he already comes endowed with an appendage! HUZZAH! OK, it’s flaccid so you can’t use it for more amorous moments, but it, err, looks authentic and even if you don’t really use one it’s nice to know that it’s there.  Unfortunately for me at the time of writing Jez can’t get his underpants off so I can have a good look, you know, for scientific reasons, but that’s more to do with user knowledge and getting acquainted with the HUD functionality rather than an omission on SLINK’s part.
Just Jez: Jez testing out his new SLink Physique bodyPerhaps one of the biggest wins for ManSLink though is pricing. It’s the same as the female Physique, L$1250, and that is a BIG deal. THE SHOPS mesh body is L$5000, and although that is indeed a very attractive body and one that Jez uses it’s incredibly expensive (despite the inclusion of hands and feet). Of course, don’t forget that when you purchase THE SHOPS you’re also going to have to endure the whole shopping ‘experience’ as well, whereas with SLINK you just visit the store then click and buy, which is infinitely preferable and a lot less hassle too. Oh, and have I mentioned Omega appliers? Yup, ManSLink is Omega applier compatible (the female equivalent will be too in the next update) and this is a pretty big deal indeed. I’ve  seen reports of people using existing Slink tattoo appliers that were for female bodies yet work on ManSLink too; YRMV but it’s definitely worth testing what you have in your inventory to see if it works for you!What else is there to like? A good range of alpha options via the HUD, and plenty of clothing cuts that should hopefully enable you to wear your current mesh wardrobe, although a few finer ones around the neck  and tops of the arms for more precise tee-shirt fitting would be nice.  There are also items in store available to try too, Jez picked up a pair of the stovepipe jeans in ‘Indigo’ and they look bloody brilliant on him, so he’s very pleased.

Now ‘Manslink’ is out hopefully there will be a rush of content creators making appliers for skins. You can of course use the included tinting HUD to match, but appliers are exact and make lives so much easier, especially when you have no patience, like Jez.

All in all we’re both delighted with this release; already this is Jez’s favourite mesh body and he’s really enjoying wearing it (Although I really need him to figure out how to get his kecks off!!)   The waiting has definitely been worth it and the end result is a really rather gorgeous mesh body that any male avatar should be proud to wear.
Congratulations to Siddean Munro on another epic SLink release!