Get yer gob round my Kunstkammer

Nuala Shippe really made my birthday- she sent me a lovely gift which I’m wearing in this photo….yes, I *know* I’m not wearing anything, ahem-look at my finger chuffnuts! See? This rather gorgeous ring is from her stack ring set. It’s available in six colourways (I have all of them-lucky kitty!)and they are seriously special. I’ve seen these rings in real life, or at least very similar and they cost a bloody fortune, so yet again Second Life wins out by allowing you to have nicies without the stupid price tag. Kunstkammer describes itself as ‘architectural and metaphysical salvage’, which I think sounds really rather jolly, and there is some cracking stuff available at their store. I’ve treated myself to some ‘Bast’ eyes ( I’m called Kitty, so how could I not?) but there are some really nifty wares here-including a personal raincloud, a cocoa-cup skybox (You sit on marshmallows! It’s ace!) some great candles, crystal balls and a lovely table and chairs set. There’s also a vintage lightbulb string that is an absolute ruddy bargain and it’s copy and modify too-essential purchase or all the parties that will soon be kicking off in the near future! I really look forward to seeing lots more from Nuala-she’s got a really good eye for design and her prices are excellent. Oh, and if you want to check these wonderful rings out, there’s a freebie version that you can find instore by clicking here! Thanks again Nuala for sending me these- I love them and well done on a great store!!