It’s Christmas Around The World!

The Belle

..and what could be a better way of celebrating than with a posh gown or even better, one that makes you look like you’re the actual fairy on top of the Christmas Tree, but in a good way?

Yeah, sounds mad I know but bear with me, because this gown from the INSOMNIA STORE is actually rather special indeed. I’m talking baubles, snowflakes, ribbon and pine needles. Pine needles are a bit scratchy but hey, beauty is pain right? To top it all off there’s a beautiful bodice finished with a ribbon; honestly, it doesn’t get better than this. It’s a statement piece for sure, and perfect for a Yuletide Ball.

You’ll find this glorious gown and a myriad of other wonderful wearables and home decor items at the ‘Christmas Around The World Event‘ from December 8th-December 22nd.  I’ll be featuring many more items from the event with you on these pages, so stay tuned, but seriously, this is a gown that will take some beating, right?

C88: Rainforest Rainforest Rah Rah Rah!

holiday_007(Yes, it’s a shit post title, my imagination had left the building when I wrote it, OK?)

I really hadn’t anticipated loving this month’s C88 theme, ‘Rainforest’, quite as much as I have. I’ve bought a significant amount of stuff, yikes, but that’s because everything on display at this round has been so hot.

Example: here’s me looking positively ruddy sizzling in a glorious bikini from TETRA.  This is the ‘Cryssie’ Bikini, and it features a crossover front with ribbon closure to the back and the neck.  It’s one of those items that is incredibly simple, yet when done right it’s an absolute sensation.  TETRA is a great brand, I hadn’t realised how much to my taste their clothes were and they’ll certainly be a brand I consider more in the future.

There are 12 options available but I went for a nice plain and simple flesh tone with the intention of dressing it up with the TEEFY ‘Winnie’ sweater, which is precisely what I’ve done and I confess, for the entirety of the week I’ve lived in this outfit. Dirty Kitty.

Last but not least, this hairstyle is a bit of a corker innit? This is ‘King’ from LITTLE BONES, one of three long and lovely styles at C88.  I really love their long hairstyles, especially because they come with a HUD allowing you to change the positioning of the hair.  It’s an absolute winner if you ask me.

Next month’s C88 theme is going to be ‘Tan Lines’, muted earthy tones rather than an all-out fall extravaganza. I’m looking forward to it immensely, but until September 6th you’ve got the glorious ‘Rainforest’ to enjoy, and I hope you do as much as I have.

Kitty wears:

Head: CATWA ‘Kimberly’

EYES: CATWA Mesh Eyes (colour selected from integrated HUD)

Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’

Skin: PINK FUEL ‘Adeline’ (Brulee tone)

Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘King’ (Fusion)

Ears:  SWALLOW ‘Punky’ ears

Choker:  REIGN Tattoo choker

Glasses:  ZOOM Hame glasses

Nosering: SAGA ‘Meow’ Nosering

Tattoo: WHITE WIDOW  ‘Loving’

Pose:  *Can’t ruddy remember, will add when I find out!*

Exclusively at C88: (Click HERE)

Bikini: TETRA  ‘Cryssie’ Bikini

Sweater: TEE FY ‘Winnie’ Slouchy Sweater

Rings: YUMMY ACCESSORIES  ‘Rainforest’ Ring Set

Nails: NYLON OUTFITTERS ART NAILS ‘Monstera Leaf’ Maitreya Nail Appliers




Saturday Sale: Do you want to see some puppies?

holiday_009.pngYes, yes of course you do! I mean, who doesn’t love puppies, right? Gorgeous little doggos with their fat tummies and milky breath, puppies are a gift from heaven in my opinion. Yes, I know the blog’s called Kittywitchin’, and obviously, I am a committed ailurophile BUT I do have as much love for dogs too.  In RL I have a dog and two cats, and I’ve had my beautiful dog since she was 8 weeks old.  She’s ten now, so she’s an old lady BUT still utterly wonderful. She brings so much joy and laughter, and I’m thankful for her every day.  Dogs should be cherished and adored, in my opinion. holiday_004.pngAnyway, onto the puppies! They’re rather special, as is everything that comes from Jian; the pups are beautifully crafted, textured and gently animated.  It’s hard not to look at them and melt. OK, I looked at them, and definitely melted. They’re even got little toenails! GAHHHHH!!

The puppies are all asleep in a basket; there are three of them and they’re snoozing softly, so be very quiet and try not to wake them up. You’ll find them at the Jian main store for L$50 today only, they’ll increase in price tomorrow. Choose from black, choco or golden coated puppies. I think they’re absolutely amazing (especially for the price!)

Right, I must dash, I am going to go and smoosh my face into the middle of this puppy pile and breathe in. Happy Saturday!

Kitty Wanders: The Apothecary

Apothecary_001.pngMy soul needed some soothing today, so I took a trip to THE APOTHECARY, for some ‘medicine’. By medicine I mean the kind of tranquil, mindful exploring that you can only conduct in Second Life in a sim as beautiful as this.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Second Life is the willingness of creators to share beautifully designed and decorated sims with others. Oftentimes I’ll just log in and sit in my skybox, I find a strange peace in doing that (and I know that I’m not the only one who does!)  but I also love to wander and explore.

Apothecary_003.pngI love beautifully decorated homes and spaces in particular, and some people just have the knack for creating them. Harlow Heslop certainly does; she’s been the proprietress of many a loved establishment over the years and The Apothecary contrasts her trademark stylings of soft furnishings and artfully placed knick-knacks against an inviting, natural landscape where you can roam, dance and explore.  I highly suggest that you visit, either alone or with friends, and enjoy the relaxing vibe that this glorious environment delivers.Apothecary_005.png