It’s all Torley Linden’s fault…

..if that lovely, multi-talented, watermelon obsessed wunderkind hadn’t posted THIS on his Twitter then I wouldn’t have my knickers in a right royal bloody twist now would I?  WEEEEEEE!!!

Deep breath…Soda Skin Designer!! EEEEPPPSSS!!! UBER EEPPAGE AHOY!

Changes are afoot…

..but only minor ones. Certain areas of this site are getting neglected because I’m lazy. I never said I wasn’t honest did I? Seriously though, it takes effort to keep the site going and you become somewhat obsessed by your page stats on a daily basis, so you’re constantly striving to keep things nice and fresh. With that in mind, I’m going to be working on the ‘Essentials’ area, and I’m going to relaunch that page with a new look over the next couple of days. As for my witchery section, that too will be tidied up but no major changes this time..other than attempting to include more specific reviews…but at this time of year that should be much easier as the market becomes flooded with all things Witchy..( some novelty, some not so)Hey, in case you hadn’t noticed the site has now surpassed the 25k mark…PHEW! Next stop 30K..if I can hit that before Samhain I’ll be a very happy Kitty indeed! ( Incidentally, like the picture? I was in a Haute Couture mood…dress by ‘Indulgence’ (Didn’t they used to be called ‘Hub’?) and hair by the ever amazing ETD) Thanks as ever for your support..and watch this space!

All wrapped up…..


You know how sometimes in real life  you can feel decidedly ‘Meh’? Well, you can feel like that in Second life too. For all my so-called shopping expertise ( SNORT! SPLUTTER! GUFFAW!) I can often find myself in world thinking I’ve nowhere to go and nothing to do..utterly pathetic really. However, sometimes meh-moods are a good thing. Example: In world the other night mooching around, I thought I’d poddle over to CURIO again to play with their skins. You see, they really impressed me, but not just that-the build itself is pretty cool for wandering around so I did just that-TP’d over and almost peed myself with excitement. Gala Phoenix has released four new make ups and oh my goodness they are bloody scrummo! I quickly got them and a few others I’d had my Miriel eyeballs on and raced home to play dress up. ( I nearly wrote ‘skin-up’ there but that would have been too weird!) I have to say that these latest additions may have just tipped my Redgrave skin from first place. This particular make-up is called ‘Dusty’ and it’s just chuffing sublime if you ask me..I adore it. Teamed with my requisite Miriel eyes and Truth hair I think it looks bloody lovely…BUT what really finishes this off is this snuggly wuggly wrap from Orchid Dreams. I want this in real life ( I say that constantly these days don’t I? I care not a jot..) it looks spot on with its gorgeous woolly argyle check pattern and fabulously floppy cowl collar. You can’t see in this piccy, BUT it has black lace edging and a teensy weensy bow…uber cute. Blinking bargain too..L$99 in a load of smashing colours for all your Autumnal leaf kicking needs! Purrr! Happy non-meh Kitty! Weee!

Bandana Day

Well the last day of Hair Fair is traditionally Bandana Day, where we all remove our lucious locks in favour of head scarves and bandanas, to show our support for charity and for those in RL who may have lost their hair due to illness.
It was especially important for me to participate today on behalf of Deedee. Like me, Dee had long hair in real life until her cancer intervened, and the chemo drugs made her lose her lovely locks. I still shudder at this memory, when it really hit home to me that she had cancer. It was still early days and she drove over to my house for a natter, and as we were sat having a drink at my table she simply said, ‘My hair is starting to fall out, look’, and ran her fingers through her beautiful red hair…a HUGE clump came out and a sob caught in my throat. It was physical evidence of what she was going through, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. She shaved her head the next day, and I still have her lock of hair somewhere…. Her hair grew back between treatments into a short funky style but she never managed to grow her hair long again. It’s funny but I’ve dreamt about her quite a few times since she passed and each time I see her her hair is long and flowing again..
This bandana is by Laqroki, and I’ve teamed it with my rather gorgeous Curio skin and Miriel eyes for a super-stunning look:) Go on, be a baldy whilst you still can, and pop over to Hair Fair and get a bandana. I personally think this is a great look!