Waiting For Your Guiding Light to bring Me Back

Day Two of ‘Kitty’s Week Of Lovely Things’ and I found this lovely bodysuit by TABOU at FROU FROU. It is just so darn pretty that, yet again, I find myself loving and longing for something in my real life, not just my second. It’s a very simple fitted bodysuit, with a keyhole styling at the front featuring a bow, and substantial lace panels to the top of the thing and rear of the suit.   I actually had a ton of fun styling this; it’s just as at home under a jacket as it is a kimono; add a pair of heels and I dare you to wear it to a club! The Eva bodysuit is created to fit Slink, Belleza and Maitreya, and costs L$210. You’ll find it in this gorgeous deep red colour along with four other essential shades: Black, white, a very vibrant pink and a beautiful blue-grey. I think it’s a must-have, what do you think? Snapshot_001

For full details of Kitty’s look please refer to this blog post


New Skybox, who dis?

EntranceAs regular readers will know I’ve been in love with and lived in my BARNESWORTH ANUBIS ‘NYC Apartment’ skybox for an incredibly long time. I’ve virtually resided in it for a good few years;  it was ‘Mi Casa’, and whenever I logged in-world I was immediately familiar with my surroundings, I felt comfortable with the layout and I felt no need to change.  Until I saw the TARTE ‘Primrose Skybox’ at January’s COLLABOR88.  As soon as I saw it I was compelled to have it, and have it I did with gusto! I don’t really know why it spoke to me, but I had been considering a change for a while and this was the kick-up-the-butt that I needed.  I’ve always enjoyed TARTE’s work, and this ‘Primrose Skybox’ is no exception. It’s a simple design, just four large rooms with excellent texture in each, with one of the main rooms featuring a rather splendid 3D design on the ceiling.  It was fancy but had a worn look to it, and I knew it would make a great residence. bedroomSo, yeah, I moved all my belongings from one skybox into the other. It felt a bit strange if I’m honest, and I was a bit sad, daft as it sounds. But it gave me the opportunity to have a tidy up and remove some elements that I wasn’t keen on in my existing abode and empowered me to add more to my surroundings too.   I’ve added tons of plants for a start, and a few new pets courtesy of JIAN’s ever extensive range of creations. I’ve even gone a bit pink! Pink is a colour I struggle with immensely, although I’m starting to be able to cope with it a little more as I’m getting older, and this new home gave me the opportunity to completely revamp my bedroom, using Gacha wins from NOMIaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_001My living room and kitchen are pretty much the same, as I’m pretty content with them and have a severe lack of imagination when it comes to revamping their layouts, so I just lifted them from my old place and added them, nae bother. Of course, there are cats everywhere, and cat-related themes festoon the place, but what else would you expect from me? As virtual homes go I am really chuffed with it; I feel settled and I’ve always considered my skybox residence as my sanctuary.  Just logging in and virtually slobbing out fills me with a lot of happiness, which is what it’s all about really, isn’t it?aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_004 (2)If I had to make some changes to the skybox I would have liked a texture change option for the floors and walls; although the textures used are lovely it would have been nice to have a few decorating choices.  I would also have liked an extra room to make into a dedicated bathroom too; I know these are things that some people do themselves but I’m not a creator and I’m not confident doing that kind of alteration myself. But all things considered, these are just minor quibbles; this place feels like home already and I am loving filling it with my junk and look forward to many happy hours spent here.

SOTW: Black Magic Woman

Kitty wears:

SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘Anita’ (Won on CATWA ‘Kimberly’ mesh head and MAITREYA ‘Lara’ mesh body)

EYES: CATWA MESH EYES featuring IZZIE’S ‘Tokyo Lights’ applier

EARS: SWALLOW ‘Pixie’ ears

HAIR: BEUSY ‘Lolita’ mesh hair

MAKE-UP: PINK FUEL ‘Smokey Boudoir (II)’ Catwa eyeshadow  and lipstick from the ‘Pure Matte’ (Reds) collection Catwa lip palette

TATTOO: IVORY & ROSE ‘Moth and Moon’ tattoo (faded) @ SEASON OF THE WITCH

MANICURE:  GO & SEE ‘Stripes 1’ (Maitreya) @ SEASON OF THE WITCH

JACKET: BOOM ‘Duveteux Rayonnant’ Jacket


BOOTS: REIGN ‘Witchy Thigh High Boots’ @ SALEM


GLASSES: YUMMY ‘Ellery’ Glasses

CHOKER: YUMMY Corset Choker

EARRINGS: REIGN Pentagram Earrings

RINGS: YUMMY Nightmare Ring Set @ C88


Pose is by PAPER RABBIT #14

Picture taken at ‘SEASON OF THE WITCH’ 

Season of the Witch is NOW OPEN!

SEASON OF THE WITCH has finally opened in Second Life, and fluff me guys and gals, it’s pretty much everything I’d dreamed of!

Now that I’ve finished my RL shift cycle I’ve finally logged in-world and visited the sim to assess what’s there to see, buy and ultimately enjoy.  It really is an experience to be savoured, that’s for sure; the sim is an absolute delight to wander around and take photographs, and the wares that are on display are a treat.  There’s clothing, props, gachas and jewellery galore and the experience is infused with a bohemian vibe.

You can practically smell the wood smoke of the campfires, hear the crunch of the leaves underfoot and taste Autumn in the air.  The music that’s playing at the sim only serves to enhance the experience too, and I confess that I could quite happily move in and live there! (Now THERE’S a thought, someone needs to make a residential sim with this vibe, come on, I’d rent from you if you did!) I’m amazed I didn’t bump into the cast of American Horror Story: Coven or even Stevie Nicks as I strolled from store to store, eyeing up all the goodies on sale, but there were certainly plenty of lookalikes and gorgeous witches at the event enjoying themselves.

If you get overwhelmed by all the shopping then there’s plenty of space to take a seat and cam shop should you so wish, and it was very tempting to sit rooted amongst the soft furnishings and candles for the afternoon, just enjoying the vibes while the Nag Champa smouldered in the background.

For an event to offer so much promise and actually deliver is no mean feat, and as you can tell I’m enjoying myself immensely there, and can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be visiting the sim as frequently as I’m able until the event ends on November 4th.

I’ll share all my findings with you here on Kittywitchin’, obviously! It’s the event this blog was made to feature really (it’s only taken ten years for it to appear!)

Congratulations to Melora Frost, Amaryllis Oona and Joonie Jatho and all the designers and bloggers involved in this wonderful event!

Wanna go visit? HERE’S YOUR TAXI!!