*Must Visit* The Wiccan Learning Centre

Imagine if you entered Second Life and came face-to-face (virtually speaking, of course!) with one of your RL heroines?  Someone you have admired for a long time and adored their work..how would you feel? Excited? Stunned? Well, I was GOBSMACKED (as they say in these ‘ere parts) when I discovered an avatar by the name of Robin Sojourner in world. If you’re shaking your head and thinking ‘What on earth is she on about now?’ then let me illuminate you further by informing you that Robin Sojourner is actually Robin Wood.  Penny dropped yet? Ever heard of a Tarot deck by the name of ‘The Robin Wood Tarot?’ Well, if you’re into tarot in any way, shape or form the name should be buzzing around your bonce like a bee that has stung it’s own arse. The deck is infamous, it’s a modern classic and I’ve been using the deck designed by Robin for many years now, ever since I first learned the Tarot. ( Note, you never fully learn the Tarot, it always teaches you something new..but that’s another topic for another time:) Anyway, the deck is a stunning collection of artwork, with beautiful imagery that evokes the Major and Minor Arcana perfectly for those of a Pagan persuasion.  So, when I discovered Robin was in Second Life I literally wet my virtual knickers with glee, and zoomed over to her in-world location to investigate further. 

Robin Sojourner Wood\'s Wiccan Learning Center

Robin has come a long way in-world, as I remember the first time that I happened across ‘The Wiccan Learning Centre’.  It was on the mainland in a small cottage, and seemed dwarfed and out of place in its surroundings.  It’s still in a beautiful cottage now, but within the confines of the Livingtree sim, a space devoted to all of Robin’s creations and it is just the most  the perfect setting.   Robin puts her artistry to good use in world and creates clothes, skins and wonderful jewel-toned eyes..but my absolute favourite creations are her craft-wares.  Discovering those, for me, has been one of the highlights of my Second Life so far.  The opportunity to own and interact with craft tools created by my Tarot idol, even if they are on the virtual plain is an absolute treat,  and of course they are visually *stunning*.  But first of all let me tell you about the centre.  When you enter the cottage you will find a comfy sofa, a mug of hot chocolate and a warm cosy fire.  Make yourself at home, for their is plenty to enjoy in here.  Robin has thoughtfully supplied some writings on various  Wiccan topics, and whether you are new to the craft or a seasoned-pro, I heartily recommend you sit down and peruse at your leisure.  Robin’s writing style is as good as her beautiful artwork, and she talks about Wicca in an eloquent and thoughtful yet ultimately highly-educational manner. Of course, everyone’s personal Wiccan journey is different but I have to say that a lot of the views that Robin holds are very similar to my own, probably another reason why I am such an admirer.  Anyway-once you have had a good read, and have finished your brew (ha ha, geddit?) then you can step through the curtain (or ‘pierce the veil’) and explore the altar, bedecked with traditional Wiccan tools.  There’s a book on the table to explain the use of each item within ritual. Can you imagine how much work all of this took? It’s an obvious labour of love, and one that, dare I say it, re-affirms your faith. It’s just utterly wonderful and is a real gift to the SL Pagan community. (Indulge me on the fragrant prose..pop along and you’ll see what I mean!)

Checking out the altar in situ @ Robin Sojourner Wood\'s Wiccan Learning Center

On to the store then, the appropriately named ‘The Broom Closet’, where you can buy altar tools such as Athames, cauldrons, brooms and candles.  Robin’s creations are absolutely pitch perfect..so special in fact that I have just re-purchased all my items as they were lost recently during the sale of some land that I owned. ( I had a wonderful witch hut at the side of a volcano where I kept my altar, statues and other assorted goodies.  Alas, all gone, including a very precious statue of Bast that I have *no* recollection of where it came from) I can honestly recommend pretty much everything in the store, but if you have to have one item, or in this case collection of items, then it has to be the Altar set at L$350.  

The stunning Altar Set

The set includes *everything* you need to establish your own Wiccan altar.  There are pentacle cookies, candles, flowers a lovely centre-piece pentacle featuring the signature Robin Wood pentacle design, as well as a chalice, libation bowls, an Athame and incense.  Now, I know this may seem a tad pricey, but we are talking quality here. If you want to re-create the Wiccan experience in the virtual playground, then you need items that will hold your interest.  I guarantee that these will..they are beyond pretty, and have the effect of making you want to pick them up and use them:) Not only that but you get detailed instructions on the use of each item, as well as the significance each has as part of Wiccan ritual.

So there you have it…my first Witchy recommendation and it’s an absolute must-see.  There’s so much on offer here that I will be making repeat visits and featuring other items created by Robin..don’t even get me started on the extra-special Athames yet!




9 thoughts on “*Must Visit* The Wiccan Learning Centre

  1. Hi! Your pics are AWESOME, but im sure you already knew it 😉 How have you done them, in sims 2 or 3? Is there any place where i could find them to use in my own game? Sorry if the answers are written somewhere in this blog, im a new reader and dont really know how to use this… 😛


  2. robin wood tarot is the first i ever had. an innocent…child while teething got ahold of one but like i siad it was pure innocetce?.? lol but all in all it wa delightful it just added more to my world and i have lived that sinceb4 i can remember..if u wouldlike to get in touch tna.gmail.com or tna.travis on face book u will see my best friend and some parts of the wedding until i can up load more. good night blessed be! amma gayle


  3. Oh My Word! Robin IS Robin?!

    I think this post just totally blew my mind. I have used Robin Wood Tarot for years, and the Robin Wood templates for years and never even saw the connection.

    I feel totally and utterly dumb and shocked to my core right now.


    1. Yes Tracy, Robin Sojourner in world IS Robin Wood.

      Blew my mind when I realised it too!

      The Robin Wood Tarot is my Tarot of choice, and always has been, so it’s pretty wild to think that the artist who has created such an astomishing work is active in our virtual world, and making wonderful stuffs there too!



  4. Robin Wood has been one of my favorite Real World artists for a long time. Her book covers for Scott Cunningham’s books, “People of Pern,” “Robin Wood Tarot (Deck and Book),” the books “When Why …If: An Ethics Workbook” and ”
    The Theory of Cat Gravity” are long time favorites and frequent gifts. Check out her website at http://www.robinwood.com/

    I discovered her inworld shortly after first-rez, looking for skins. Her “Yummy” skins, sadly no longer available, are my go-to’s for most of my avatars (I bought different tones for different avatars). You can see blemishes and veins in her skins. When I need to lower my ARC, her textured slider hair is the best. And lets not forget the great socks she made to wear with system pants that colored in the “flare” to match the pants and not show skin!

    Her tutorials on texturing are a must for anyone beginning content modification or creation.



    1. I completely agree. The Robin Wood Tarot has always been my go to deck, and I’ve long been a fan, and have many examples of her work on my bookshelves. Long may she continue!


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