Having a great time at the charity auction

If I look delighted it’s because I am! As you can tell it’s all going swimmingly here…the donations are coming in thick and fast for a start, and the place is packed.  The only sad part is that Dee couldn’t be here, but that’s entirely understandable given the circumstances. So, as her stand in can you imagine how it felt to be bought for L$55000! Amazing stuff! It looks as though the event has raised about £1800 quid so far, and I do know that an ‘anonymous benefactor’ has agreed to match whatever we raised, so that makes over £3000 for Cancer Research.  What an amazing bunch of people have contributed their time and efforts to all this, and I’m honoured to know such generous souls.

Charity auction at ‘The Crown & Pearl’ for Cancer Research

Not entirely sure that I agree with Dellik’s tactics, but tbh it makes no matter.  Dell has been the highest bidder all night, spending a phenomenal amout of linden in the process. He’s not even been put off by gender, he’s bid away like a mad thing and as a consequence a whole bunch of us have to listen to ‘The Corrs’ or whatever he desires. He said he’ll announce his plans in a fortnight..oh dear god. Just thinking about it makes my ears bleed…..

Don’t even go THERE…..

Oh blimey. As some of you may have read in ‘The Avastar’, they’re going to be including other virtual worlds in their reporting.  When I first heard this I was a bit put out-I think there’s enough going off in SL to be able to fill two tabloids, let alone one.  However, when you consider the plans are afoot at IBM to create a facility whereby your Avatar can hop from one virtual world to another then it does make sense to establish a presence in these places. I’ve even heard that this facility may be available in a testing stage as early as April-yoiks! So I suppose it makes sense to at least have a look at these other places before I pass judgement.  Let me make it clear though, I’m an SL junkie and have enough trouble as it is dealing with one virtual world never mind another. So your intrepid O’Toole set foot in one of them last night for the first time and thought…’WTF?’ I logged on to ‘THERE’ I’m going again in a bit to explore a bit more.  First impressions? Obviously marketed to a Tween audience…colourful and cartoon-like.  Jez (Oh world of wisdom that he is) smirked as he walked past and muttered that it was powered by DX8 (Eh?) On his way back from the loo he said, “The walking seems smoother than SL, ” at which point I banished him downstairs. I’m also going to be taking a looksy at Entropia ( heard it’s very pretty) and Kaneva over the weekend. If you’re an avatar in these worlds please let me know what you think, and also drop ‘The Avastar’ a line as they are keen to recruit new reporters  who regularly inhabit these locations. Yes, you do get paid. ( Why else do you think I’m having a look eh? Mercenary Kitty)