Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like?

My perfect Second Life day? Hmm…not such a hard question to answer that…I’d log in and find the lag negligible, with no bugs or glitches or anything that has the potential to spoil my virtual experience. I’d have squillions, literally squillions of Lindens to spend on all sorts of beautiful clothes, interior decoration, animals and anything else that would take my fancy, and the shops would stretch far into the virtual horizon. I’d blow all the dosh on these beauties and bestow my new-found wealth upon my chums and insist they came shopping with me:) Eventually I’d tire of the seriously, so I’d return home to find I could have as many prims as I wanted upon my land, so I’d buy a mahoosive mansion and fill it with all sorts of amazing furniture and wonderful things.Finally, I’d end the day  with a bar and club crawl with my virtual friends, starting at the Crown & Pearl before moving on to Republik to boogie on down to a cracking set performed by DJ Cyberpink.Told you it wasn’t a difficult question!