Freebie find of the week, nay year!

Guys, this is GOOD. One of the joys of Second Life is taking photos and modelling your very latest fabulous fashion finds. Vainglorious cow that I am I’ve accumulated a fair few wonderful photo studios and accessories over the months, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t use them to their full potential. That’s probably a combination of stupidity, ineptitude and sheer laziness on my part-in short, the majority of the time when taking photos I wing it, and it usually works:) Which is where this freebie find comes in, because it takes winging it to another level…For absolutely nowt you can be the proud owner of a nice white globe with pre-loaded pose stand. Sounds extremely boring doesn’t it, UNTIL you start to use it… it’s ACE! It’s probably one of the best freebies I’ve ever come across-seriously! It takes minimal intelligence to operate. You stand on the pose stand inside the globe and snap away, using one of the 73 poses that come pre-loaded. It’s 4 prims total. That’s it.
Alright, I know it sounds less than impressive but do not be fooled.. I’ve been using it for all my shots recently and as you can see it enables you to take great snaps. Because it’s a white background it’s perfect for fashion shots (one thing I’ve realised is that despite all the backgrounds I have I tend to stick to plain old white because clothes look better against it plus you can always cut your image out and lay it over another background should you wish) If you play around with the environmental lighting effects you can change the tone of your pictures. Repositioning the globe itself also influences the lighting effects too. (Because the globe has a ‘slice’ missing if you turn it toward or away from the light you can achieve some nice effects)
Going back to the poses, some are plain awful and there are a limited number for male avatars, but there are some really nice ones in there too. I’ve used one for this close up shot above. Ok my arm looks a bit deformed but the overall image is, I’m sure you’ll agree..great! Of course, it’s easy to add your own poses to the stand if you wish. So if you’re considering a photo studio purchase, are a complete newbie and would like to start taking Second Life fashion shots, or are just curious I heartily recommend you pop on over to SLEX and indulge yourself. A final tip, get yourself a freebie facelight and random smiler and you ‘re good to go for absolutely no cost at all. I *wish* I’d known about this before, I really would have saved myself some serious dosh. Marx Dudek, the creator, is also exceptionally helpful, so what have you got to lose? Go get a ‘Genuinely Useful FREE Portable Model’s Photo Studio’ and have fun! Get yours HERE.