Second Life, Second Strife?

Okay, I admit it- I set up the blog ( like I’m sure countless thousands other peeps do) and I neglected it.  Bad Kitty.  I confess my sins.
So now it’s time for a restart, a refresh if you will!
Let’s bring you up to speed….First things first- SL has been very busy for me of late.  Number 1, Phil and Kai who run the fantastic Three lions Pub in Bourton Village were wed.  By a Linden.  Disguised as a ham… ( Go to my Flickr pages if you need confirmation of that!)  The partying went on all weekend, and it was a rather lovely event, tempered with the humour and sense of fun which make us all love Phil and Kai so much.
Number 2, and this ain’t so cool.  Two couples I know really well spilt over the same weekend, and I literally felt the SL earth wobble a tad under my feet.  It has to be said, I didn’t see it coming and one of the break ups was somewhat acrimonious to say the least.  Chatting to friends around SL suggested that this is an all too frequent occurance.  Perhaps it’s because the cost of getting divorced (L$25) is so low that people get wed and break up without giving it a second thought.  In fact-there’s the rub,SL marriage and divorce are so easy, then why not just end it if it isn’t working the way you’d envisioned.In fact, how is a SL marriage supposed to work? The relationships aren’t real are they?
Well, I disagree.  Just because the world we inhabit is ‘artificial’ by definition, it doesn’t mean that the emotions of the avatars in our world are fictional.  In fact, when you live, breathe and eat SL as so many people do ( and don’t scoff, because this is a very valid point) then why should our fellow avatars emotional intelligence come into question? Is it not true that for some avatars, their virtual existence is just an extension of their real life persona’s?  Bear in mind that as individuals we are all used to wearing masks-we are not the same person in the workplace as we are at home with our family and friends.  We adapt our behaviour. SL is an extension of that and requires the same amount of adaptability so that we can interact freely, and I will go so far as to suggest that for some people it’s the most free they have ever felt.
So forgive me for feeling sad about my friends and their relationship breakdowns,but for me those relationships were as real as the keyboard that I am typing on…
Number 3 The SS Galaxy launched successfully in world, and I have to say that so far this is the best build I have seen in our metaverse.  Architect Bill Stirling has used 3 sims to create a cruise ship, and it is breathtaking in the detail.  Words cannot do the place justice, and I was so impressed that I rented a cabin.  I implore you to check the SS Galaxy out as soon as you possibly can!
And finally- Number 4.  My favourite saying is ‘Everything happens for a reason’, and this week seems to have proved that, as well as another favourite metaphysical fancy of mine.  Here’s an example-you think of a song that you haven’t heard in years, it’s not even a great song but it’s one you remember even though it barely touched the Top 40 singles chart. The next day, you’re driving in your car and switch the radio on…and hear the very same song.  A lot of people ( I do tend to be one of them actually) do believe that the thoughts that we have can manifest in somewhat mundane ways.   This past week I decided to set up a group in Second Life, called ‘Pet Shop Boys Fans in SL’.  I was motivated by my love of the band ( stretching over the past 17 years) and the hope that I could arrange a few PSB evenings in some of the fabulous in-world clubs that SL has to offer.  I even mentioned on my group mission statement that it was my hope to ‘..get the boys to play a gigi in SL’ Now, in all honesty I had no idea how that could be made to happen, but I thought it was a distinct possibility that it may be feasible.
Imagine my surprise then when I find out that the PSB’s ARE going to be playing Second Life this weekend!!! In case you haven’t heard SECONDFESTstarts later this evening and promises a huge array of acts and entertainment over the weekend, finishing with a gig by the PSB’s.  I can’t wait!!  I’ve been interviewed by a reporter for SLNN.COM and I’m hoping that the publicity generated will encourage more fellow PSB fans to ‘Pull those skeletons out of your closet, and step outside'( You’ll only get that if you’re a fan!)
This is Kitty O’Toole signing off, promising not to be such a lazy ass when it comes to documenting her exploits.

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