Farewell 3L

Well, ‘The Three Lions’ is no more.  My ‘local’ pub, my home from home,  closed its doors for the last time in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Word was sent to group members on Friday that it was closing, which of cause resulted in the biggest crowds EVER.  It was a ruddy struggle to get in but Mike Mission hosted the penultimate night’s party in his usual brilliant style.  There were tears and tantrums, begging and pleading but Mike, ever wise, pointed out that sometimes you have to let the things you love go. 

Then he passed out mid set which was very funny.

Saturday night was surreal, we just didn’t want it to end.  Mike played another cracking set and made sure we went out in style, rather than a whimper. Phill took the roof off the pub and we danced beneath the stars until the early hours.  Mike didn’t pass out this time ( although we thought he might) and I took a final sad wander around my local. 

 Having made so many wonderful friends there its so sad to let it go:(

It won’t be the same without 3L. 

BUT look to your left and you will see a few videos to help you remember what a bloody good place it was.

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