Festive Freebie Fest day 2! Waheyyyy!!!

Well it’s freebie fest day 2, and it’s getting better and better!
I’m really pleased by the little black dress that Ibizarre gave away today, it’s ever so slightly detailed and will look good dressed up or down:) We got a pair of jeans yesterday from them, which I haven’t photographed, but you can never have enough jeans in your wardrobe:) Ivalde gave away a smart, but a tad middle-aged pant suit today, although the shading and detail are as excellent as you would expect from such an esteemed label. (The dress they gave  away yesterday was an utter smasher, so if you missed out..ouch!)  I think out of today’s outfit I’d be inclined to wear the top far more than the trousers..there’s something a tad ‘Dynasty’ about them-But hey-the outfit is a total freebie, so I’m not really complaining:) ‘Wrong’ seem to be quipping us with a wardrobe of mix and match items which is a fabulous idea. So far they’ve given away a camo t-shirt and a green skirt, but these can also be mashed up with the goodies that ‘Reaction’ are dishing out.So far we have a nice black skirt and a pair of girlie trainers were given away today, but they all work well together. If you keep collecting these items you will amass a fantastic wardrobe by the time Santa Claus pays us all a visit, so I heartily suggest you stick with it.  (Don’t forget to show your love to the designers by perusing their other items when you grab a freebie as well) My fave item though has to be the jewellery set given away by ‘Second Mirage’ today.  It’s a really pretty bracelet, earrings and necklace combo in a stylised red-rose design.  Perfect for stashing into your inventory and accessorising a Christmas red gown with!  If you want to see some ( but not all) of these itms keep an eye on my Flickr, accessible at the bottom left of the page.  I’m taking snaps of myself modelling the freebies everyday, and mixing them up with non-freebie items to complete the look. Anyhoo, signing off now.  I had a corking evening at ‘the Crown & Pearl’ last night, so tonight I’m chilling with a glass of wine and the latest ‘Big Issue’ by the fire. But before I go…

Kitty’s tip of the day:  Don’t walk around with tags on that say things like ‘My mum thinks I’m Hot’.( Seriously! I have JUST seen this!) You can bet your bottom dollar that you really aren’t, and you just leave yourself open to ridicule..Plus if you’re that hot why would you need a tag..and isn’t it kind of wrong that your mum thinks that??
Leave the ego at home.

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