The Crown & Pearl Charity Fundraiser-ONE MILLION LINDEN RAISED!

The Crown & Pearl Charity Fundraiser-ONE MILLION LINDEN RAISED!

Oh. My. God.

How amazing is this news? I just logged in before I go to RL work to get a message off Praddles stating that they’d achieved something amazingly special- they’ve raised L$1000000 for Cancer Research.

What can you say to that? All I can say is this- Thank You.  To everyone involved, who gave their time and effort to the fundraiser. To everyone who has donated their time and their lindens- you are all utter stars and deserve to have undirty bottoms for the rest of your days.

A lot of people have asked me how Deedee is, and truth be told she is a poorly bunny indeed.  It is a sad fact that 1 in 3 of us will be affected by Cancer-did you know that? Cancer is very scary and very unpleasant, but it CAN be treated and fundraising is crucial to finding a cure, or at least better treatments for it.  Chemo is horrible, so is Radiotherapy.  So is having a squillion needles shoved in you.  So is having no veins left for those squillions of needles.  Being sick, itchy, losing your hair and losing your strength are just a fraction of what sufferers have to go through.  It’s not easy watching your best friend struggle through all this, and more besides.  She has gone through so much.  I never imagined that I’d see Deedee in a hospital bed after brain surgery. I never imagined that I’d see her bald (but she has a perfectly shaped head!) 

The same person who had consoled me and helped me through personal heartbreak, the same person who had got frequently drunk with me on girly nights out, the same person who would stay over after said girly nights out and sleep with her head at the bottom of my bed (Never understood why she did that, because all I would do is fart heartily in her direction.  Granted, her toes would be next to my nostrils but they are very nice toes:) I never imagined what she would have to endure. And she has endured so much. 

Anyway, go to Dee’s blog to see it all from her perspective (Click here) but know this, you can make a difference to people’s lives by supporting charities like Cancer Research. No amount is ever too small, and it doesn’t even have to be money. It can be time or a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on..these are all just as valuable.  Not just for the sufferers, but for their family and friends as well.

Once again, to all who supported the fundraising in whatever capacity…thank you:)

4 thoughts on “The Crown & Pearl Charity Fundraiser-ONE MILLION LINDEN RAISED!

  1. It’s an amazing achievement and something I hope we can emulate over time with our charity over on the soon-to-be-opening Motorability Island, which will be the SL portal for the United Spinal Association.


  2. Bloody hell Otoole, I keep crying over your blog!

    As for sleeping with my head at the bottom of the bed.. that was Lizzie! You and me were the right way up.. she was in the middle, with her stinky feet in our faces!

    Did I mention the Kylie tickets have arrived?! ;o)

    Love you, mate.


  3. Was it Liz??
    LOL I’d forgotten..I thought it was you!! Oh hang on, it was you who farted! He he heeeee
    Anyway STOP blubbing all over my blog please cowbag, you’ll make it go all soggy.
    Oh, and the Kylie tickets have arrived??? WOOOTTT!!!



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