Ooh look, it’s Jez!

It’s not very often you see ol’Jezmond in-world with me, uber WoW goblin twatter that he is, but I managed to persuade him to join me for some photos last night. I thought I’d publish this picture of us together so you could drool at the new skin (Millage Valenti)and hair I got for him..looks good huh?

At the moment Jez’s loyalties are somewhat divided between ‘World of Warcraft’ and his new MMORPG, ‘The Age of Conan’. If you haven’t seen the latter yet you may well be blown away, because visually it is stunning. It actually reminds me a lot of Second Life, but the detail and animations are on a completely different level. For example, there’s a public house which has a cat wandering around within it, and the animation on the cat has to be seen to be believed, It’s so realistic! Of course with a new MMORPG launch there are always hiccups, and there are tons of patches being released for Conan, as well as lots of griping on various forums about issues with the game. Jez’s verdict? He’s enjoying it, the interface took some getting used to but overall his experience is a relatively positive one. However, he isn’t sure that it will keep him interested beyond the much anticipated release of ‘Lich King’ for WoW…

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