DeeDee’s memorial

Cassandra hosts a memorial park, and walking around it is very humbling. You don’t realise how many people have been loved and lost in Second Life until you wander around and see the tributes that have been placed around. There are a lot of them. As soon as I discovered the place I wanted a memorial to DeeDee to be placed there..somewhere to visit in the virtual I guess. I had planned to visit her grave in RL this weekend, but I’m struggling with that at the mo. I need to go of course, but the fact is I know I’ll crumble, and self-indulgent as it is to write this here, I’m not doing so well. If you’ve been through a loss yourself I’m sure you can brain is full of utterly mad thoughts and ramblings, some of them good,some of them not so. My dreams are a real mess, and yesterday when I was shopping in RL for a split second I thought I saw Dee. Seriously, there was a woman who had her back turned to me and was the same shape and heart just stopped and I felt sick. Jez was with me, he saw her too ( yes she was real) and knew exactly where I was coming from when I said that I had thought it was her. Anyway, back to this lovely memorial that Mike Burleigh created for me and placed at Cassandra. It’s lovely, and Mike runs this place out of the goodness of his heart, as he recognises the need for a park like this in the virtual world. (There are a few more actually, one of my favourites being ‘Tribute Island’ run by the ever lovely Nikk Huett) This is the first time I visited and it’s peaceful and well worth a look. People have left flowers, candles and pictures to their loved ones and although poignant it proves that in the virtual, just like real life, loving rememberance can go on.  If you’d like to visit, click here.

3 thoughts on “DeeDee’s memorial

  1. I have just visited Dee’s memorial at Cassandra … it is really beautiful. I never *met* Dee but we IM’d and I feel the loss as keenly as if I had … she was a very very brave young woman who shone a bright light in the world and taught us what it is to live with cancer. We will remember her as one of our “heroes” in the Cancer Survivors Group. Hugggs from Poppy (Chair, Cancer Survivors Group in SL)


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