Join the dots…I’ll get naked, you use your ‘special’ pen…

Ahem! OK, so I recently blogged about how unutterably wonderful I thought REDGRAVE skins were (and of course I haven’t changed my opinion on that in any way, shape or form) but there’s a problem,  and that is once you find an amazing skin you start looking for the next one, and the next..and basically you get completely addicted to skin shopping. You’re always on the lookout for new make-ups and details and tones and, all gets a little bit silly to be perfectly honest. I don’t give a monkeys though, because I’ve just found yet more skin perfection, this time from a company called ‘Curio‘. I’d never heard of them until a FashCon announcement pointed me in their direction..(Damn you Fashcon! /me shakes fist in mock anger) These skins tick all the right boxes, but the make-ups are really something else. It’s like you’ve tumbled head-first into the cosmetics counter in Boots and have sprayed ‘Dazzle Dust’ by Barry M and MAC eyeshadow everywhere (wouldn’t that be fun!)The eyshadow options are to *die* for and I got all breathless and funny when faced with all the choices.  For a start, the skin and make up I’m wearing here is from the ‘Luster’ range, and it’s called ‘Russet’. It’s PERFECT for this season and if you look closely you can see…freckles!! YAY! Kitty is a freckly chops! They are *fabbo* and each skin offers you the choice of with or without freckles , which is just ace. The more I get into skins the more I like the options certain designers offer, and the value that moles, freckles and even small scars add to your appearance should never be discounted.  I’m afraid it does cost to stand out in the crowd, but if that is your aim then a decent skin is your principle investment.  Redgrave skins are pricey, as are Curio, but they’re a seriously worthy investment. Anyways, the reason I’ve treated myself to a few of these is because the eyeshadows and the detailing in some of the make-up options is just staggering. Take the one I’m wearing, ‘Russet’.  The actual eye-make up, the under-eye shading and the lipstick are just divine.  The Dollyrock post a bit further down this page also features me wearing one of the make-ups for this skin (as well as Curio hair!) and it’s called ‘Nightshade’, but there’s nothing deadly about it..the colour choices are simply perfect.  Another one that really blew me away was ‘Emerald’, which as you can imagine is green, but that’s where my previous ‘Dazzle Dust’ metaphor comes in, as the green is so glittery and luminescent that it really does look as though eyeshadow has been scattered across the lids.  It’s not solid blocks of colour, but shading, shading and MORE shading that makes these beauties stand out from the crowd. I want them all and there are *many* packs to choose from.  There’s one called ‘Ivy’ that has, well, ivy-leaf patterned eyeshadow ( I know this sounds mad but trust me it works!) and I could go on but that would be spoiling your fun. Go and try these beauties on,  just for the sheer hell of it, because I KNOW that you will love them! Even if you don’t need anymore skins you should just pay Curio a visit for a seriously fun trying on session..just don’t blame me when you break your Linden-piggy bank!

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