Changes are afoot…

..but only minor ones. Certain areas of this site are getting neglected because I’m lazy. I never said I wasn’t honest did I? Seriously though, it takes effort to keep the site going and you become somewhat obsessed by your page stats on a daily basis, so you’re constantly striving to keep things nice and fresh. With that in mind, I’m going to be working on the ‘Essentials’ area, and I’m going to relaunch that page with a new look over the next couple of days. As for my witchery section, that too will be tidied up but no major changes this time..other than attempting to include more specific reviews…but at this time of year that should be much easier as the market becomes flooded with all things Witchy..( some novelty, some not so)Hey, in case you hadn’t noticed the site has now surpassed the 25k mark…PHEW! Next stop 30K..if I can hit that before Samhain I’ll be a very happy Kitty indeed! ( Incidentally, like the picture? I was in a Haute Couture mood…dress by ‘Indulgence’ (Didn’t they used to be called ‘Hub’?) and hair by the ever amazing ETD) Thanks as ever for your support..and watch this space!

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