Feeling Flirtatious….

…in jewellery by Flirt! I haven’t reviewed any shiny things for a while, so I was utterly delighted to receive some nicies from ‘Flirt’. First things first, I wish I’d known about these when I reviewed my ‘Klimt’ gown previously, purely because one of the pieces compliments it extremely well. Still, no matter – I’m telling you about them now:)
First things first, we’re talking quality here peeps. It always impresses me when you’re sent review copies that include information about the creative process- well with both pieces I practically received an essay! Suffice to say that Flirt are VERY serious about the jewellery that they create. For a start they craft prim ‘twinkle’ into their pieces, rather than rely on darn-annoying bling. But how do they do this I hear you cry? Is this alchemy, sorcery, black magic? No, the truth is that they are prim-torturing sadists, who have found that by using the tiniest prim components and piecing these together you produce a natural sparkly effect. Flirt are therefore a tad meticulous about their prims, and all of them are carefully positioned to make each necklace/bangle/bracelet or earring. The press release that I received was very careful to point out that unlike the majority of jewellery in Second Life (that employs the ‘loop rez’ technique) they prefer to rely on careful hand alignment so that the jewellery is at optimal alignment with the body contour..( Oooh I hear you exclaim! Posh stuff this-pay attention!)) In fact this next bit comes straight from Flirt ; “We believe that a harmonic composition can only be achieved by hand placing the prims, just like a RL jeweller would do”Pretentious? OK, yes – BUT- it does certainly make you eager to inspect the finished product..but before we do, more details. The textures are hand drawn, and don’t use transparencies, which keeps the ARC low ( I wondered when that would start to become a selling point!) and resize and recolour scripts are also included in the majority of their products.
So, now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the jewellery! First up is ‘Hearts and Diamonds’, a very elegant and stylish set especially well suited to the more formal occasion. It looks exquisite paired with my gown, as I mentioned previously, but this statement jewellery and looks equally stunning when worn with simple black dresses and heels. The textures really are as good as the PR would suggest and I’m seriously enamoured with it, BUT I’m absolutely besotted with the ‘Fragile’ series, created by Skinkie Winkler ( FABULOUS name!) I haven’t taken it off since I received it! It’s funky yet has a structural feel to it…the combination of silver and glass makes it feel very architectural…almost industrial. It will certainly appeal to a wide audience, but you wouldn’t wear this if you were a shrinking violet, no siree…this is BOLD and has a slight 1980’s ostentatiousness to it. The detailing on this is gob-smackingly good..zoom in and out to your hearts content, you’ll not see any dicky seams or issues on this. It’s evident that the people behind Flirt don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to creating quality, and if this were the real life high street it would be the kind of loveliness that only the very best stores would sell. I seriously recommend that you check out the entries written about this piece on their blog, because the prose certainly captures the ethos behind these pieces far better than I can describe them here. Suffice to say this is ambitious jewellery creation and certainly comes highly recommended by this Kitty..don’t take my word for it though, visit Flirt in world by clicking HERE.


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