Nikita Kitty

It’s like buses….you wait ages for one, and then two come at once. Well that’s been my winter coat experience so far this season, no sooner had I discovered the wonderful fluffy parka that is my twice blogged Aohura Military coat, than I found this stunner of formal coat from Panjen. I haven’t been to Panjen for a looonnnggg time, BUT as I was pulling on my favourite ever gloves, bought on my first visit there I decided to pay a repeat visit. This coat, also called ‘Military Coat’ had me as soon as I saw it. It didn’t even have time to say ‘Hello!’ It’s a gorgeous airforce blue, with shiny hand-drawn buttons and prim adornments on the sleeves. It’s beautiful, and L$300 well spent. THEN I wandered upstairs, and found this stunning ‘Morgane’ skin, and walked out L$1500 lighter for my trouble. I got 6 skins for my money each with beautiful lip colourings; here I’m wearing Coral, but also there are Black, Silver, Red, Maroon, and Bronze too. I rounded off the look with ETD hair and voila! Now all I need is for Elton John to start singing ‘Nikita’ to me and I’m all set!

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