Hey sugar, you looking for a date?

I’m not saying that I’m a tart or anything, BUT this get up seriously feels like ‘Pretty Woman’ updated for the noughties, don’t you think? I wandered into Digit Darkes for a bijou moochette (mooching-it’s the future I tells ya!) and you know how occasionally an item just LEAPS at you shouting ‘Woohoo! Look at me! Look at MEEEE!’? (That never happened to you before? Does to me all the time..strange..) Anyway, that is *exactly* what happened with this gorgeous piece of loveliness..also known as ‘The Dictator’ shrug. Why you would infer that something as squashy and snug and downright sexual as this is dictatorial I have no idea, but just LOOK at it! Isn’t it the hotness? It’s deceptively simple too. Sleeves and ruffles and a short back to hold it all together, make it PERFECT for throwing over a frock to up your styling enough to make it that wee bit extra special. For example, this Blaze ‘Crush’ dress is stunning as is, BUT add the shrug into the mix and well, it just takes things up a notch doesn’t it? I know I started the review hinting that there was something a tad risque about this, which there is, BUT don’t underestimate it, because it’s capable of taking a lot of your existing outfits up a notch and breathing new life into them, and dare I say it, a touch of class even! As well as the frock from Blaze I’m wearing hair by ETD (Roxie) accessories by Yummy and the latest PXL skin release, called ‘Linda’, which I shall be reviewing separately. Anyway, back to Digit Darkes. As well as the shrug ( which I also have in ‘Ocean’, a really stunning blue colour) I picked up a pack of ‘Addicted’ stockings. I *LOVE* stockings, and you can just see them peeping into shot. They’re some of the most original I’ve seen in world actually and they’re pretty much opposite the shrugs, so be sure to check them out because you really are going to want to hop along to the store and see ‘The Dictator’ for yourself. Finally, if you don’t have a frock fetish and fancy something different to wear with your shrug (because you’d be just plain daft if you didn’t buy one) may I be so bold as to suggest the ‘Sasy’ corsets? These uber-modern and ultra fashionable corsets feature no frills but ooze style with their clean lines and fitting. They look great against the shrug and look perfect with black trousers or for the even more fashion concious amongst you, team them with this season’s longer length pencil skirts for an ultra-modern silhouette. (Remember that you have to wear them so tight that you can barely walk…but don’t worry about that, you’ll be wanting to stand still so that everyone can gawp at your Digit Darkes enhanced loveliness!) Enough of the wibble!
Go and get yourself one of these digital delights! Ooh, see what I did there?

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