So, who’s won the Blogging award? Me? Nah..

I’m one of those people who likes to read. 


When I’m eating my breakfast, sat on the loo or just lounging around I *have* to have something to read at hand. That’s why I love reading blogs-I love imaginative, entertaining content, strong opinions and all-out flaming wars. I’m a whore for vocabulary..there, I’ve said it.  My name is Kitty and I have an unhealthy obsession with words:)
Blogs therefore are my joy..unadulterated reading pleasure in a compact convenient form.
Bear that in mind when I say thank god for wireless networking, which means I can retreat to the comfort of my toilet with my Ipod touch and a roll of Kleenex Velvet, safe in the knowledge that whilst I perform my daily ablutions and expunge all my waste( waste is obviously subjective-mine of course emerges gold-plated and ready wrapped) I can digest loads of information and learn all sorts of wonderful things at the same time:) (The day they invent a centrally heated loo seat with integrated shiatsu massager will be the day my buttocks rejoice!)  
Actually- I blame LeapyLee for all this..he’s always taken a looonnngg time in the loo, and we’ve always had a dictionary installed, along with other reading material, in the bog back at home.
Anyway- went off on one there! Blogs..yes, the blogging community has stuck SL firmly to it’s bosom.
In fact, it’s rammed it straight down the sweaty boob crevice of the metaverse..
You cannot move for blogs about SL, and I should know, seeing as this is one of the many. Some are good, some are pretty, some are useful, and some are utter sh*te, but all document the the ins and outs of our mad metaverse, in their own original way.  Because there are so many then it’s hard to pick just a few, but I decided to select the ones that I refer back to frequently. These are the blogs that I enjoy reading for their content and feast my eyes upon for their outstanding visuals.
For starters, Ben Vanguard and company produce a stunning blog where they exclusively write about all things mens fashion related.  The accompanying imagery is always a visual treat and the looks featured are always winners. Male fashion is an oft overlooked genre in SL, so it’s great that there’s a reliable source of inspiration like SLMen to rely on. If you’ve never visited before I urge you to go and take a peek- you’ll be blown away..and it will prove to you that there’s just no excuse for walking around looking like a noob. Prad Prathivi obviously is a subscriber, because he always looks the part. In fact you could be forgiven for thinking he’s the ‘Unofficial Golden Child of Second Life’, for everything he puts his hand to seems to turn into a glittering prize. I have no idea how Prad manages it- I really don’t. He’s a content creator, an artist, an architect, a DJ and an absolutely smashing chap to boot..I’m firmly of the belief that he has no hours left in his day for a first life because he works so hard at his second! I’ll be honest, I’m privileged to call Prad a friend but it isn’t due to any nepotism that I decided to nominate him for this simply cannot fail to have been impressed by Prad’s ‘Metaversally Speaking’, a relative newcomer to the blogosphere but it’s already won squillions of fans for its sharp prose, hilarious parodies and Pradisms galore. It’s even attracted the notice of the Lindens themselves. Prad is kind of like the anti-Torley of Second Life; a figure that many instantly recognise for all his hard work and admire from afar, but without the Linden connections…although ‘Prad Linden’ does have an interesting ring to it:) Enough arse-licking from me, go and check out Metaversally Speaking for yourself and you’ll see why I’m making such a fuss.
My next contender is an extremely obvious choice. Fabulously Free in Second Life does exactly what it says on the tin, it seeks out and finds all the fabulous freebies and dollarbies that are scattered across the grid and blogs them for the benefit of those who don’t have lots of Lindens to spare, yet still want to cut the virtual mustard. With the credit crunch hitting home in the metaverse Fabfree has become even more valid, and it serves practically the majority of avatars who inhabit the grid featuring fashion from Neko to Victorian to Fetish upon it’s pages. It’s not the most flashy of blogs either-the appearance is pretty basic by comparison to some of the other contenders upon this list, but it’s the content in this one that matters… Fabfree isn’t a blog, it’s a way of life..and that’s why I’m delighted to feature it in my list of nominees.
Next up is a blog that Kittywitchin would love to be..but I just don’t have the time! Jhuzen Ketsugo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful avatars on the grid, and she also writes a fantastic blog to boot. But the real treat on Virtual Fashion Addict is the imagery…oh she’s got virtual fashion licked alright! It gives me a huge buzz if I spot something I’ve bought featured on her fashion pages, because it basically proves to me that I’m doing ‘it’ right. Jhuzen blogs a different look most days, and her attention to detail is just astonishing. Every component is blogged in detail, and accompanied by photos that make me salivate as much as one of Pavlov’s dogs. It’s stating the obvious, but she’s gained a reputation for being a blogger par excellence, and she’s a regular contributor to Vain Inc, one of the best fashion mags on the grid. Jhuzen, I featured you in this category because you’re an inspiration to me..thanks for producing such an astonishing body of work!
Last, but certainly not least, is Prim Perfect. Saffia Widdershins has created a stunning blog and magazine that document the very best in Second Life homes and interiors and it’s an absolute must read. There are so many places that I’ve discovered as a result of Saffia’s blog. Her writing is exceptional, and she’s established a great team to help her produce content worthy of inclusion upon Prim Perfect’s pages. You simply cannot purchase a new residence or furnish it without checking out Prim Perfect, because if you didn’t I guarantee that you’d miss something fabulous. I think Saffia is a media force to be reckoned with in Second Life, not only is the the Editor of Prim Perfect but she also produces content for ‘Meta Makeover’ which you can view at the Meta Makeover Studios at Northpoint. 2009 promises much for Prim Perfect, with it affirming it’s status amongst the better SL publications by launching new features and content. No Second Life designer worth their virtual salt should miss the opportunity to advertise their wares upon Prim Perfect’s pages. Congratulations on the nomination Saffia, and here’s wishing you and Prim Perfect an extremely successful 2009!
So- who’s the winner? It’s been so tough to call as I love all these blogs so very very much…but bias aside it would be foolish to discount the impact that Metaversally Speaking has had upon the blogosphere…so I’m delighted to announce that Prad has won a Kittie! Congratulations Prad, and make sure you can find space on your trophy shelf for this one, as I’m sure it’s starting to buckle under the strain from all the plaudits you’ve received!

3 thoughts on “So, who’s won the Blogging award? Me? Nah..

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  2. Congrats to Prad…. I adore his blog too, always thought provoking!

    Kitty, I want to thank you for the incredibly kind things you have said about me and my blog, I really had no idea anyone actually “read” it, but you clearly have. Thanks for making my day, heck my whole month! I promise to get my butt in gear and blog more again soon!

    ~ Ketsy


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