Look of the week – ‘Goth Casual Kitty’

As featured on ‘The Kittywitchin Podcast’ I’m wearing a rather glorious ensemble featuring clothing and hair by Fanny Finney, the name behind ‘FG Underground’ The skin is stunning isn’t it? It’s ‘Marla’ by Milk Motion, which costs L$800 but it’s defo worth it.

I’ve called the look ‘Goth Casual’ (Snigger, lack of imagination or what?!) and I think it’s a great image, and a relatively cheap one too, the tattoo is free and the top is a bargain at L$100 from FG. Oh, and I’m not just being arty-farty by shooting this in black and white…look how well the camisole details show up…all that creasing and a belly button to boot..cute huh?

Listen to the podcast for more details..and don’t laugh at my accent!

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