RIP Rheta Shan

The Second Life universe has fostered many a friendship that has developed into a deep and lasting bond that surpasses the virtual. Love and compassion are felt just as keenly in world and so it happens that when someone who is universally known and loved by their Second Life peers sadly loses their life the loss is carried by many. At the moment the plurkiverse is going mad with the news that Rheta Shan recently lost her life.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Rheta, but I had heard of her. If you were a friend of Rheta’s I’m so very sorry for your loss.It is obvious from the reaction that she was loved and admired by many, and although I know that thought will offer little solace to you at the moment-but I hope that you may eventually be able to draw some comfort from that knowledge in the future.

3 thoughts on “RIP Rheta Shan

  1. A. Parisienne

    There was no accident on, or even near, the date mentioned – in Paris or anywhere else that fits the alleged details of Rheta’s death. Such a horrific accident would have been widely reported.

    She made it up.


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