PSB Fans in SL Announcement…

I’ve just done something a bit daft..which’ll either work or it won’t but you may want to do the same…First of all, see the below taken from the Pet Shop Boys official site:

Pet Shop Boys will be on Radio 2 on Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th, from 4pm until 6pm presenting a celebration of the finest 21st Century electro-pop music.
On the show, “Pet Shop Boys: Wired”, Neil and Chris will be looking back at their personal pop highlights of the last decade and showcasing new artists and top producers.
Neil and Chris will also be answering questions from listeners. If you have a question that you would like to ask them, email now – – with ‘PET SHOP BOYS’ in the subject header.

So, you know how you sometimes get stupid ideas on a Friday afternoon? Well, here’s mine:

Dear Neil and Chris,
As an ardent fan of yours through the years I’ve had the pleasure of watching you embrace new fashions, musical styles, attitudes and technologies as part of the Pet Shop Boys mythos.
Last year you ‘performed’ at ‘Second Fest’ which was a virtual festival in Second Life,and it was ok, but wasn’t a live performance which is what so many of your fans in the metaverse had hoped for.
I have a dedicated fan club for you in Second Life, and I wondered if you would be so inclined as to visit the metaverse again,only next time for a genuinely live performance? In fact have you ever considered visiting some of the clubs like Republik? DJ Cyberpink on a Thursday night mixes a BANGING electro set and we’ve also had a PSB themed evening in world which was blinking smashing:)
You’d be guaranteed a *fabulous* welcome! 
Big noms, licks and purrs,
Kitty O’Toole =^..^=

Now, I doubt I’ll get a mention but anything’s worth a shot isn’t it.  I heartily suggest if you’re a fan writing them a note and sending it in, they’re sure to get deluged. If you’re old enough to remember the AMAZING broadcasts the boys did on Radio One in the early 1990’s you’ll know that they have simply amazing taste in music so are sure to play some fabulous stuff…

Oh and if you think the note above is pretty embarrassing, here was my first attempt:

Dear Neil and Chris,

One question-Daddy or chips?!


Kitty xxxxxxx

..But for once I managed to get my brain back on track and refrained from sending that one:) If you do decide to send a note in, GOOD LUCK and why not let us know via the in-world fan group, ‘Pet Shop Boys Fans in SL’?

(Oh and if you send them a note make sure you use a spell-checker, you know what Neil is (rumoured to be) like!!)

One thought on “PSB Fans in SL Announcement…

  1. I’m floored by the props, thanks hun xXx Would be amazing if they ever did do a properly live SL gig 😀

    Hmmm, SecondFest. You meet some bloody strange people there 😀


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