Kitty the Wanton Temptress

So my previous picture featured me as a sort of ‘Dragonette’. This picture is a total contrast, and features ME (yes, that is me!) in ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ mode; the kind of lass who would beat said Dragonette into a bloody pulp leaving her sobbing in submission in a corner after a substantial pasting with a huge twat-hammer…OK, I digress:) Ahem.  Readers, this is the FIRST time you will have ever seen me wearing a different shape to my usual choice upon these pages, and doesn’t it look good in a curvaceous “I’ve eaten ALL the pies and don’t care a jot ” kind of way? This stunning shape actually comes with the outfit, which is from ‘Captive Elegance’. It’s called ‘Temptress 1’ and is beautifully constructed. I’ve never worn anything like this before and I think the effect is astonishing.I guess that this is the kind of outfit favoured in-world by role-players of a certain ilk. If so I applaud their tastes, and the talents of the designer behind the ‘Captive Elegance’ brand because this garb is a cracking piece of engineering. (Seriously! Check out the bra!) To compliment this look I’ve teamed it with breathtaking hair from ‘The Stringer Mausoleum’. This floor length style is called ‘Jealous’ and yes, I am actually. It’s a tumbling concoction of waves and delicate face-framing tendrils that reach all the way down to the floor to create a sublime, romantic look that is very different to Helena Stringer’s trademark spiky styles but just as vital. If you like your hair long and floor length then you simply must indulge, especially when you consider it’s a mere L$200…bargain huh? A point to note; ‘Jealous’ is available with a bang option for an additional L$30, but the bangs are the kind that frame the face, rather than fall across it. I can’t really deal with not having a fringe in SL, so I had a rummage around in my inventory and found that the ‘Hope’ bangs from TM work extremely well with the hair.. clever Kitty!  A final note: I’ve tried on LOADS of skins to find a good one for this photograph, and I have to say that an uber quality skin with depth, shading and incredible skin detail is the only option. Think about it, there’s so much skin on show here that you need to be able to see subtle changes in tone, elbow and knee details and skin blemishes for it to become a truly authentic look. The ‘Leona’ skin from Redgrave is therefore an excellent choice because it features all those details as well as stunning facial make-up and plump, juicy lips that tie-in perfectly with the wonderfully rounded and ample curves that the shape provides. As before, this is the kind of outfit ( can you even call it that?) that I’ve never considered checking out because, well, to be honest, the whole RP thing doesn’t really appeal..BUT I have to say I think I look THE HOTNESS in this picture.

(Jez agrees because he’s just passed me on the way to the bog and told me that posting this to the blog is highly verboten. Oh dear..I just pressed send….oopsy!)

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