Edward prefers brunettes..?!

Ok, I’ll fess up, I haven’t yet seen the movie or read Twilight yet. Shame on me..I know…

I’ve actually planned on doing so (I had the book in my hand in Tescos!) but it got so hyped and R-Patz suddenly started appearing here, there and everywhere and as a result I got fed up with it all and forgot about it. But I’ve seen loads of ‘Team Edward’ tees on tweens as they wander around in the pseudo-Emo fashion that they adopt these days (gosh I sound old!) and I can understand the attraction entirely …vampires have ALWAYS been cool. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of my favourite books of all time, and I went through a phase of reading Anne Rice non-stop…I’m over that one now though.

What I’m trying to say is that I will probably get sucked into the Twilight palavah at some point, but until then I’m making do with a range of faboosh tees from one of the most oddly titled yet captivating little bijou brands in all of Second Life. You may have seen it before – It’s a regular participant of some of the grid wide hunts and is a really cracking little store. Yes, I’m talking about Nykki Heartsdale’s [lessthanthree]<3

Think kitsch, cute and very reasonably priced fashion and SKINS.  The skins are fabulous, as you can see by this one that I’m wearing in the picture (A previous hunt find, lovely isn’t it?) The emphasis is on colour so if you like your eyeshadow bright then this is a brand you really should be checking out. My other favourite store finds are the eyes that [lessthanthree]<3 produce-they’re stunning.  I am VERY fussy about my eyes, and tend only to wear Miriel which I have in all colours. I’ve decided that these eyes are an extremely close second choice being just as detailed with a lovely large coloured iris and beautiful shine..again they aren’t expensive so well worth a try.  But back to the subject at hand; here I am stood in front of a wall filled with funky tees. The Twilight tees are in plain sight and you have a choice of of styles at a mere L$75 each. Some mention Edward by name, others mention sparkle ( WTF? Vampires DO NOT sparkle!) and some mention Volvos. I haven’t a ruddy clue, but I do know that the whole range looks nommy and I think you should go and see…especially if your name is Bella:) As a final push to send you through the doors they have great jeans on sale here too with excellent detailing as you can see from the photo. I’m pretty much wearing the entire store in this shot! The only non [lessthanthree]<3 items are my Miel group gift scarf and my Truth freebie Jess hair. I look like a teenager don’t I? Anyway, if you want to proclaim your love for all things Twilight related in-world then this place should be your starter for ten. (Please note, I haven’t seen any R-Patz looklikes, or sparkles or anything like thatwhilst shopping here, besides I prefer my Vampires hard and bitey!)  Oh and a quick note they’re having a spring sale with freebie items for boys and girls just by the main doors as you enter the store…well worth your time. Now bugger off and shop there:) **UPDATE YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS IN THE FREEBIE BOXES!! OMG! Quality tees, patched jeans and LOTS OF SKINS!!**

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