Farewell Kittywitch Island

**Now before I write anything further on this entry, I just want to point out that I’m well aware that Second life isn’t real. I’m not completely loopy and think SL 24/7. That said, the emotions that are expressed in world are indeed very real as are the attributes associated with them, so it’s from that angle that I’m writing this post.**

I’ve lived in Jasper Islands sim for over 2 years. It’s one of the Anshe Cheung sims and it is, quite simply, beautiful. My land ownership has changed considerably over the years and I’ve invested heavily, but recently I’ve been content with a section comprising three plots in a corner that allows me enough space and prims to indulge my Kitty fantasies to the full. For me that means a lovely green space filled with trees and seasonal blooms, stone circles, a summer house and a rather fancy dwelling. My house is stunning, and is just the kind of dwelling that I would desire in real life. Even better than the exterior with it’s gorgeous stone and wood facade,teamed with fabulous swimming pool, is the interior. Second Life’s content creators are represented in their multide here, and I have some absolutely wonderful furnishings inside rom designers such as Greene Concept, Agent Orange,Corn, Amodica, Instinct and many others. (This being Second Life of course I can change the furnishings as often as I like, but I tend to always navigate towards the best creators in world.) The best part for me though is my studio..I have a fabulous space to take the photographs that litter these pages and plenty of space for my pose stands..But sadly, I’m going to lose my little piece of Second Life forever. Basically, tier is just under £55 a month for me, and that kind of money holds more worth in real life at the moment than it does in the virtual. Put into perspective, it’s a months petrol, or a week’s shopping, or a present for Father’s Day which is looming on the horizon ( 21st June if you’d forgotten!) I’ve contacted ACS to see if I could have a reprieve on tier but alas, they weren’t enamoured with the idea. I’m not bitter about that, they’re a business after all, but I do think it’s a great shame that I’m losing something that I’ve invested a great deal of time and effort into.

I can honestly say I LOVE my little virtual home, I adore it even. It’s given me so much pleasure and happiness over the past few years. It’s a sensation similar to one that I used to enjoy as a child when one of my favourite pastimes was decorating my dolls houses, except this is virtual dolls houses and the furniture is a whole lot more fun, don’t you think? I have so many memories from my time here..One thing I’ll miss desperately is Halloween and decorating the island in keeping with the theme, particularly important  for us Witches as it’s our New Year,  so you can imagine the celebrations! Just as poignant a memory for me will be Christmas.   Last year I didn’t decorate the house in real life, but by ‘eck I went to town on it in Second Life, with tinsel, Christmas trees, ice caves, skating and  snowmen..it was such a treat! The ground was even changed to a snow texture and it really was a winter wonderland. I had a lot of fun with my beloved neighbour and friend Amanda whizzing around the frozen lake on skates and sledges, and I recall she took my Dad in RL and SL,  LeapyLee Cliffhanger,  round for a few circuits on motorbikes…daft as it sounds he still talks about that in real life!  Not forgetting I erected a sky-box for Dad to enjoy.   Enjoy he did- I put a bar and a jukebox in there for him and he would often log-in just to enjoy that..I’ve not told him the news yet and I’m sure he’s going to be disappointed:(

I could go on..but I won’t. Suffice to say that over the next couple of days I’ll lose the island for good. Kitty will be a homeless avatar. That’s not a bad thing, many avs choose to live in-world without any permanent base, but for me it really was a realisation of a dream in minature..my very own island space. That’s the thing about Second Life, you really can live your dreams through it, and on Kittywitch Island I could do just that.  I’ve posted some Flickr pictures in the sidebar, and you’re welcome to pop around and see my home before it disappears for good.

Yes, I KNOW it’s not real. Losing a home in reality is an unbearable thought and alas has been a reality for so many people out there due to the credit crisis and recession, and I’m well aware that isn’t the case here. But as I have invested so much time and money into my virtual reality I think you can allow me this indulgence, as I feel so incredibly sad that it’s coming to an end.

5 thoughts on “Farewell Kittywitch Island

  1. Betony Greggan

    Kitty, I feel your pain. It is hard to leave a piece of virtual land behind. I’m still sentimental about my first rented cliff home and the rented lot where I rezzed my first house. The truism that “the only constant is change” applies tenfold in SL. Just pack up carefully–stick it all in a folder if you can’t do anything else. You can always bring it back to life later on.

    My hubby and I just sold off all our mainland properties, all our lovingly constructed builds, and claimed our own first private islands. Mainland drama had worn too thin with us. So we bustled around and packed up buildings and caves and things, and sold off land for a whole weekend. Then came the punchline: at 9:00 on Monday morning, hubby called me and said “I hope you’re not mad…” He had bought back one of the parcels, at a fair price at least, but more than we had sold it for!

    I know I’m going to have a new and better home base when I finish playing with the bulldozer, but all we really need is a place to change clothes. So if you need a changing room for a while, IM me!


  2. Oh hunni, I wish I could give you the money to keep you going for a month, but I just don’t have it spare… I’m gonna lose the bestest neighbour there’s ever been…

    You know you’re always welcome to come and visit me n’ Sable to hang out, unpack stuff, take photos etc. and hopefully ACS won’t sell that land and you’ll be able to buy it back from them in a while…

    Gonna miss you living next door to us…


  3. Your home is so beautiful and lovingly set up. It is such a shame to lose it but things do change.
    I would love to visit it and admire it before it disappears but can’t seem to find a link.

    jmb Balogh in SL


  4. Mistletoe

    Home truly is where the heart is. Even virtual home.

    I’m very sorry it’s all had to go down this way. I know I’m really attached to where I live in SL and I’d be devastated too at such a sweeping change. Best wishes.


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