Dee Day

Dee Day

If you know me in world, or if you’re a regular reader of Kittywitchin, then you’ll know my life changed forever a year ago today. That’s when my beloved best friend, Dionne, died after battling Breast Cancer that had spread to her brain, liver and bones. It was, and remains an all too human tragedy, because so many people out there are touched or affected by cancer in its myriad of forms every single day. I’d be lying if I said it’s been an easy year since. It’s not, it’s been a difficult time for all concerned, and her family’s loss is as palpable now as the day it happened. But for me, I can’t explain it properly in words.

From a selfish point of view I miss our kinship.  When you find a true and loyal friend they’re irreplaceable, and I have missed her so badly; I can’t pick up the phone and tell her things I know she’d love to hear and I think of stuff constantly that I want to share with her and she’s not physically here to do that with. Simple things such as just chatting or even giving her a hug, I haven’t been able to do any of that for a year? It’s often said but you never realise the value of the little things until they are beyond your reach.

When you lose someone you love you of course pick yourself up and carry on, and time does heal. But it is never the same without that person, nor will it ever be again. In case you hadn’t noticed, in world it’s been ‘Relay For Life‘, which raises funds for Cancer charities. It’s wonderful to think that even in a virtual world real life is given so much validity, and the fund-raising still continues in earnest.  Dee did her own bit for charity too, and even though she was neverin remission from her cancer, when she was feeling strong enough she threw herself out of a plane on a sponsored parachute jump to raise funds…I’m not saying you should go to those lengths, but every Linden  really does help, so if you can find it in your hearts to donate, please do so.

As for me, I  plan on spending today in RL in quiet reflection for a dearly loved friend. Tonight I’ll raise a glass in her honour as I stare out into a (hopefully) starlit sky..knowing that there’s a star out there named after her that shall shine for all eternity, just like she will in my heart.  Love you Dee xxx

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