Be careful what you wish for!

Now here’s a thing…a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted some pool furniture.

My house has a pool area built in, and it seemed lacking in any nicies.  After all the rest of my house looks stunning, so it’s only fitting that the exterior should also have it’s fair share of ‘oomph’!

However, funds being what they are I didn’t want to waste any precious Lindens on expensive pool fair, but nor  did I want tat either..I had a brief mosey around Xstreetsl but couldn’t quite find what I wanted, so brimming with  perseverance, I gave up.   Cut to today, when I spotted that amongst all the hunts that are currently driving the grid bonkers is one for ‘Witchy Woman Designs’ Now, I’m bound, almost by oath, to be interested in a store like that aren’t I? The title doesn’t give much away but I figured Pagan items and esoterica would be the order of the day here, so I TP’d in to have a nosey.
I couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s a furniture store, and a rather good one at that. We’re not talking Corn, nor Relic either, but designs that are somewhere between the two.

Carefully crafted traditional furnishings, with nifty colour change features and rather excellent texturing. I was pleasantly surprised, and found myself liking a great deal of the items on display.

There’s a lot of living room furniture in various styles available here.  The prices are more than reasonable, for example L$1200 for a complete set including sofa, two chairs, coffee table, lamp and decoration, and for your dosh you get comfortable sofas and chaises festooned with cushions, and chairs that are chunky, solid and very well crafted.   The pieces would be perfect for the more more traditional styled Second Life homes due to the retro styling of many of the items, BUT there are contemporary touches to be found as well.  The store is based in a large department store style building, and moving throughout there are more wares on display, including some really sensational bed designs in vibrant colours with great textiles that are shaped to perfection. Think four posters draped in silk without being cheesy, and fold-down beds built into bookcases.  I’m especially enamoured with the rather beautiful ‘Miaka’ beds.  Each is beautifully decorated and features M & F sleep poses, but the really nifty thing is that you have to turn down the sheets first before you get in, so your bed turns from all neatly made to pillows stacked by either side in the blink of an eye! Lovely animated touches like these really make your purchases come to life and I can’t help but be impressed! You can even find nursery ware and kitchens too..’Witchy Woman Designs‘ covers practically all of your SL furniture requirements:)

Outside the store is an extensive range of items for gardens and beaches, with some beautiful outdoor beds and snuggle pillows. I’ve already said that the colours are vibrant and the shades selected for the range of outdoor items are a perfect fit.  Anyway, let’s talk about the hunt!

It’s a really easy hunt and the prizes on offer are…you guessed it, poolside items! Loungers, towels and swimming pool accessories.  How spooky is that? Get hunting guys, this one is simple but if you struggle there are hints at the front of the store and also upon ‘The Hunt Locations’ blog.  There are ten items to find so it’s nice and short too – you can complete this one in an hour, but it certainly  reaps great rewards, and if you haven’t got a pool don’t worry – join the group and this months gift is…well, take a guess:)

Isn’t it funny how fate works things out? Not only do I now have my pool items, I have a LM in my inventory to a really great store, and I hope it really fact my only issue is that the store is not what I expected from the title…but I’m more than pleased to have found it:)

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