Kitty’s UNreasonable Desires….

Nah, they’re not really. I’m a reasonable kind of gal, despite what you may think… I just wanted to share with you one of the latest releases from uber fashion emporium ‘Dernier Cri’. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, these are the guys who supply you with a hair demo and an amazingly nifty hud that enables you to tint your hair into any of the available shades in store, so you really do get a genuine feel for the style before you lay down the Lindens. It’s a seriously smart idea that I wish more hair stores would buy into. I’m very reluctant to try new colours purely because I don’t want to waste Lindens, and this system ensures no wastage whatsoever; although with such a juicy range of colours on display you may find yourself struggling to decide what to get! The store was VERY busy when I visited, making it slow to rez, but every avatar and their Aunty were there to get their mits upon the latest styles. This is one of them and I have to say it looks rather nifty in this shot, but for me the short layers at the top are just a tad too Kate Gosselin for my tastes. (I’m more turned on by the Dernier Cri colour range and demo hud than anything else, lots of hours of indecision ahoy!) The style is called ‘Jenelle II’, and if you want to catch a cab down to the store then click here.

before I zoom off, let me draw your attention to the very sexy negligée that I’m wearing in this shot too. It’s from ‘Reasonable Desires’ which has an almighty lingerie sale on in store at the moment and there are some fantastic bargains to be had. I’ll be honest, I never realised how good Reasonable Desires were until I visited recently. To be frank the presentation and orientation of the store has always put me off, but with hindsight that’s like judging a book by the cover. There are some very pretty sets on display and the sale enables you to snap up some beauties for as little as L$20 or L$50. Job done!

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