Bingo Bango Bank Holiday Madness!

I am *buggered*, and that is because I’ve been hard at it (steady) getting some new releases together in store for your enjoyment! In fact, not only are there new releases, but ANOTHER FREEBIE and ANOTHER TEN LINDEN SPECIAL!

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve set the NEW RELEASES at just L$50 EACH..and because I am clearly quite mad, all the existing shapes in store are L$75 EACH too!

I’ve even been a bit sneaky, and hidden one of my shapes on the wall at a reduced price for you to find..weee!

So, to recap, the new releases are as follows:

*BUNTY – L$50
*BETSY – L$50
*DAISY – L$50

The freebie is called EMILY, and the new TEN LINDEN shape is AUTUMN.

Don’t forget the other shapes in store are all L$75, plus the last ten Linden shape, ‘Summer’, is still available, as is my previous freebie, ‘Statuesque’.

In other words, it’s a veritable bargain banquet upon a stick of shape excitement! I’m off for a lie-down now..toodles!

Oh, and before I forget, you can now DEMO the shapes too!! WEEEE!

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