PERTURB/ation Rosette Nebula Necklace

Remember a few posts ago when I nagged you all about paying attention to ‘Beanie Loves Japan’? I had good reason, because she featured a store giving out the most astonishing jewelled neko ears and tail for FREE that I have ever seen. I wear them frequently so I’ve kept the store in my list of picks to check out every now and then, and I’m so pleased that I have. The necklaces, collars and bodily adornments on display are some of the very best you’ll find on the grid, and the latest release, ‘Rose Nebula Necklace’ is a cracker. It matches the ears and tail freebie perfectly (Alas, I couldn’t see that in store anymore, so you lucked out if you didn’t get it) and costs just L$180. Bargain
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