I like my Duck with nipples, thanks…

‘Ducknipple’ is one of those stores that once visited it becomes firm fave on your fashion rosta, Quirky doesn’t really come close, I mean, look at the title of the store for starters, and the fact that they’ve used an ‘aged’ avatar for one of the models just rocks my boat . The clothes are superb too, great skirts, dresses and mix and match items that are just the right side of left-field. The colours in this satellite store are all my faves, burgundies, browns and jewelled earthtones- so if you want to create an Autumn wardrobe with an edge you’d do well to consider Ducknipple as your first port of call. Plus you can get a free swinging leek…which is, well, different!
posted by Kitty Otoole on Festivale using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

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