Gothical Crowings From Designers United

You’d have to have been living on another planet to have not heard about ‘Designers United’, an exciting event at the Cupcake sim featuring work from a selection of clothing, skin, hair and animation designers centred around a common theme. This year, it’s ‘Crow’, which means stunning Anton Corbijn-like masks, printed tees and jumpers, deliciously dark hair styles, luscious skin designs, dresses and coats and jewellery and LOTS more Corvidae themed wonders. I managed to have a quick peek before the lag monster engulfed me; as you would expect because the event has a limited running time it’s consequently packed out..but keep trying. It’s worth it because the selection of wares on offer are very good indeed. The designers have evidently been very inspired by their brief, I would be so bold as to suggest that some of the items make excellent investment pieces, and there are a few that I think are destined to become SL design classics. This photo features a prime example. I absolutely adore this So Many Styles military jacket which has crow feather fringing along the bottom. It includes an option without the feathers too, for extra outfit durability. Although not specifically a Halloween piece, this would be ideal as a cover up for a posh event and is an essential addition to any Gothically inclined avatars wardrobe. I teamed it with a skin from Schadenfreude for a suitably dark look and I think the resulting photo is rather fetching..wouldn’t you agree? I also really rate the lovely Beetlebones body suits and wares from Miss 80’s and Djinn and Tonic. I need to go back though to check out the rest!

The event is at the Cupcakes sim until Nov 3rd, so if you don’t want to miss out you need to head on over and brave the lag; NONE of the items are going to be available once the event finishes.

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