Tweedle Me Kitty

The word ‘Tweed’ always makes me think of a rather dodgy late 1970’s perfume that didn’t so much as smell of tweed, but actually smelled of cat-wee and old ladies…I can tell you that Sienia Trevellion’s latest ‘Lark’ release does not smell of cat wee, old-ladies, moth-balls or even damp wellies. It doesn’t smell of anything, but it looks rather posh. ‘Tweed’ comes with a belt, earrings, necklace and bracelet and it’s a very elegant affair. I had a few minor issues sizing the prim across the top of the bust line, but once accomplished I stood back, took a good look, and was pleased:) The tones of the outfit lend themselves to warm hues, so I’ve teamed ‘Tweed’ with the stunning new hair release by Truth,  ‘Lucinda’, in Cherry. It looks very well, don’t you agree? ( I think that has more to do with the style, than the fact it’s called ‘Lucinda’, which is obviously a posh totty name) The more I flounce about in this dress, the more I like it…it’s a very different texture choice to the norm, and it looks really good because of it. Of course, in real life you couldn’t possibly wear a frock like this made out of tweed, because after walking a few steps it would rub your nipples red-raw, so yet again Second Life lets us accomplish our fantasies with no need for plasters…(If you have a tweed-wearing fetish of course!) Actually, this frock would look perfect with a pair of green Hunter wellies and a Barbour jacket, don’t you think? Right, that’s it..I’m off to spend the day pretending to be a sloane ranger… Nice one Sienia!

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