Elated by Fifty Linden Fridays!

Yes, it’s that time of the week folks, the time when a select number of stores offer an item of their wares for a measley L$50..and the grid practically grinds to a halt because no-one can get the ruddy vendors to rez ….Fifty Linden Fridays are a fabulous concept and I really do look forward to them coming round, but this week has been especially good.

 This is my favourite item from today’s selection, a beautifully textured and rendered wool dress from Elate! It’s utterly gorgeous with a fantastic draped cowl neck and is rather short so you can wear leggings or even trousers underneath, should you so wish. Personally I think it looks fab with chunky boots and leggings so tight that they look sprayed on..but that’s just me:)

Of course there are other colours available in store if Navy ain’t your thing, but they are a tad more pricey. Other notable participants this week include Artilleri, Lamb and Deco..but if you want to but some of these lovelies you’d better get a move on because there’s not much Friday left….Check out this blog post from ‘Ashes to Ashes, Sale to Sale’ to see all the treats on offer this week PLUS their URL’s. (Thanks Aisling!)

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