New Shapes and Sale at Kittylicious!

Well you’ve probably heard ( If you read other blogs and news feeds that is) all about the sale on ‘Black Friday’ in support of “The Artist’s Voice” Campaign. The intention is to highlight the issue of content theft and promote awareness, by spreading some SUPERB bargains and LOTS of love to customers old and new.
So I’m doing my bit, BOTH my Malt (Main Store) and Harlow ( Discount Store) are participating in the sale. You will be stunned by the savings, and not only that, there are TWO new shapes to enjoy! Oh yes..Christmas is starting a little early in Kittylicious land, and because of the sale you can buy each new shape for a mere L$50!The first shape, shown here, is ‘Bauble’, a coquettish, plump lil’ minx, this is one lady who you want to snuggle up to after you’ve enjoyed your Christmas lunch and just drift off to sleep in her gorgeous, squashy arms…yummy! She has an ample cleavage and a rather smashing behind too, plus she is Mod, Copy AND Transfer so you can buy her as a gift if you like! The second release, ‘Christmas’, is a shapely form with slender curves and great proportions finished off with the classic Kittylicious! face making this one an absolute must for happy times under the mistletoe. Again, ‘ PLUS she is also Mod, Copy and Trans! Back to the sale, you will find every shape in store reduced. Some are half price, others even fact there are shapes in store for just L$5!! Which is bugger all really isn’t it? Heads Up: If you aren’t already a member of my subscribo then you MUST join it soon..just a little hint, but with the festive season fast approaching I may see fit to be generous….Finally, Look out for the Kittylicious! Shapes Christmas Raffle, which starts in store on December 1st. For L$50 you get an entry into the raffle PLUS a special shape that you won’t be able to get after the festive season closes… The raffle will be drawn at the beginning of 2010 ( probably NYE actually) and FIVE lucky winners will get……“The Kittylicious EVERYTHING Box”
Which is exactly what it says on the tin. EVERY shape I have ever made and sold and quite a few that have been lurking in my inventory will be included…as well as a few new ones JUST FOR RAFFLE WINNERS! Not bad huh?

Anyway, get set for fun and frolics this Friday. Enjoy the sales!

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