Kitty Quicky- Hunt Resources

Kitty Quicky- Hunt Resources

Just found two useful blogs if you’re doing the ‘Candy Cane’ Hunt.  First up is this blog which features images of the hunt items ( You’ll see POE hunt items on there too) The next one is the official hunt blog, which offers hints and SL URL#s to each, the  trick is to look at all the items on the first blog, note its number, and then using the second blog you have a much better chance of finding the goodies:) It has to be said though, I think that hunts are getting much harder than they used to be.  No bad thing, because it’s pointless featuring your store in a hunt if the item is hidden in plain sight, you need punters to expect a challenge, plus it doesn’t hurt your business if they’re meandering around your store perusing your other wares in the process….have fun hunting!

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