Kittylicious ‘Holly’ Shape

Here’s one of my forthcoming Christmas releases, called ‘Holly’ ( I know, imaginative huh?) She’s a departure from my usual Kittylicious! shape template, I’ve experimented with her facial characteristics and changed lots of features that I don’t normally tinker with ( head shape, jawline..that kind of thing) and the end result is actually rather pleasing I feel. She has a beautiful face, and looks perfect with this skin from L. Fauna, don’t you think? The enhanced cleavage works particularly well with this freck, which is part of a complete avatar package that is available from Atomic Bambi. If you’ve been reading the feeds then you’ll know that this packages is a bargain at just ONE LINDEN for *everything*, shape, skin, eyes, lashes, shoes, dress, hair and more besides. For the picture I chose the dress, earrings, necklace and eyes from the package and it’s just amazing value and looks very festive indeed:)
So anyway, that’s Holly, and she will be on sale with a couple more shapes later this week at my Malt store, where I’m having a bit of a re-fit at the moment. ( In other words, it looks a bugger, LOL!) Watch this space for news of further festive fancies that I’ll be selling soon!

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