Bunnies on sale TOMORROW@ 12pm SLT

Bunnies on sale TOMORROW@ 12pm SLT

..and the grid is going to grind to a complete and utter standstill. I’ve explored every inch of this sim and it is an absolute treat, you have to come and see if you like elves, fairy rings and whimsy in all its glory. In fact, come and see even if you don’t, this place has genuinely bowled me over- just like the Sci-Fi convention did earlier. So much hard work and care has gone into crafting these bunnies and the environment around them that it’s hard not to be totally bowled, or should that be bunnied, over. I mean, you should see the houses that Callie Cline and Barnesworth Anubis have created! It is astonishing and will be a huge hit, of that I have no doubt..and rightly so!
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