Witchy Wednesday Kittyrant…

Witchy Wednesday Kittyrant…

It has to be said that you really do need to retain your taste and selectivity when shopping for all things Witchy across the grid, because as much as I hate to say this, there is a lot of tat out there. Textures that were best left in 2006 seem to be the style du jour for a vast majority of Pagan merchandise creators in-world. I do not consider myself a ‘Second Life Snob’, but I do wish that there was more imagination out there.. the Pagan creations that I’m seeing all too often feature the same shapes, textures, slogans…boring!
Even more disturbing is the apparent lack of regard by some store owners for copyright. The vast amount of prints and pictures on sale in stores ARE NOT original works, but copies.
They’re ten a penny too; it’s ironic that a culture that seeks to ‘Harm None’ is so intent on making money from other peoples’ work. It’s truly disappointing, and very annoying.
BUT, there’s a flip-side to this rant, I promise! When you do find something genuinely exciting and original in-world the buzz you get is second to none. Although I have seen some incredibly awful, shameful ‘creations’, I’ve witnessed some real wonders too, so I’m happy to be sharing them with you during ‘Witchy Week’.
But please, if you’re setting up a Pagan store in-world, PLEASE don’t rip off Neil Geddes-Ward, Ann Stokes or any of the myriad of wonderful artists out there, it’s not fair.
Instead share your own artworks with us, and if you can’t do that, then DON’T open a store. Simple.

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