Kittylicious. Red

Kittylicious. Red

Last one I promise..too many norks shots in one day make me go all funny! This is the last shape preview tonight, featuring a shape called ‘Red’ This is a very curvy and tall shape, not one for a shrinking violet, so wear if you want to turn heads on the grid only. For the shot I’m wearing yet another Sassy! frock (can’t help it for reasons I’ve described in my last posts) and one of these great new neck wraps from League that come replete with texture-change necklace embellishment…this was a bargain because it was included in Fifty Linden Friday, so I would have been foolish not to! I’m wearing my arm warmers from A&M again because I love them sooo much, and my fave hat hair from Maitreya. The skin is again a Curio gem, but I’ve enhanced it with a facial eyelash tattoo from Stellar, making me look a wee bit emo. Ok that’s enough sneaky peaky for one day!

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