More Happy Inventory Finds..Ingenue!

More Happy Inventory Finds..Ingenue!

I’m not really a ‘gown’ kind of girl, but I’ve just been utterly delighted to find a DSN box with this stunning Ingenue gown inside. DSN stands for ‘Designers Showcase Network’, and for signing up (there are kiosks in world that allow you to do this..this is my way of telling you I can’t remember where I signed up) you receive random boxes of goodies to try. Obviously you’re not always going to like what you get, but I have received some utterly scrumptious items, and I class this gown amongst them. Ingenue is the brainchild of a designer called Betty Doyle, and she makes vintage and retro inspired clothing and hair from the 1920’s all the way through the 1960’s.
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