Kitty asks you all to unite and ‘Stop Bullying’

Kitty asks you all to unite and ‘Stop Bullying’

One of the things that I love about SL is the sense of community it fosters and the way that avatars from all over the grid, and therefore all over the world, unite to support a common cause.
Today many avatars in-world are wearing pink shirts in unity against a problem that way too many people face at sometime in their lives, bullying. We all know someone who was bullied at school, but bullying isn’t just limited to the playground-it’s prevalent in the workplace, in the college dormitory and in the community as a whole. It even happens across the internet and sadly it’s even found it’s wretched way into Second Life. Bullying wrecks lives, and I know this from experience having suffered years of of it in both junior and secondary schools. You never forget the mental torture and the physical violence that a bully, or bullies, inflicts upon you. I still carry those real and imaginary scars with me today, and the effects of bullying have had a huge influence upon my life-choices and I guess, still affect me on a day to day basis. If I could have my life over again I wouldn’t want to be bullied, but I cannot deny that there have been positives from the experience too. Being bullied taught me about empathy and tolerance and eventually how to foster and truly value friendships. I just wish I had been able to learn these valuable lessons in a different way.Show your support for this campaign in-world by proudly wearing a pink shirt and lending your virtual voice to the cause. Renee has written a thought-provoking piece which is printed on the Fabfree blog, and I’d very much like you to read it and take her words to heart.

Kitty is wearing a FREE pose + sign from Estetica, along with a FREE shirt from Poised

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