Second Pride 2010

Second Pride 2010

Swooning over these gorgeous boys on the dance floor… (Zenn Aura and Mus Neox)

It’s Second Pride, so that means gorgeous guys and gobsmacking girlies from all the corners of the grid congregate and celebrate everything Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered with glitter and rainbows and the best tighty-whiteys on display this side of San Francisco.

Second Pride is a well established event in world and it’s always an absolutely fabulous occasion, raising funds for charity through various events, DJ spectaculars and concerts a-plenty. I love it for the DJ sets myself, and I’ve been thoroughly entertained by DJ Kadie Pinkenba tonight, she’s played a blinding set. Second Pride is of course a complete tottyfest and there is some serious eye-candy on display and some absolutely beautiful boys that have been making me drool, and sob in equal measure. I guarantee that you will see some of the BEST looking male avatars on the grid at this event…alas, for me they’re so unattainable, every one! (I’m such a fag hag!)

I’ve taken a few photos of the gig tonight but I don’t think glitter and the grid go together very well, I’ve crashed FIVE times so far (You should see my comments on the crash logger..oh dear!) but I’ve stuck with it because the event is so much fun. Loads of DJ’s are going to be playing over the next few days, but I’m especially excited about DJ Cyberpink’s forthcoming set at Secondpride, so mark your calendars..huge plug alert:

DJ CYBERPINK @ SECOND PRIDE JUNE 3rd 2-4pm SLT ( That’s 10pm UK time)

Go to Second Pride, go shopping, go drooling and go totally gay for the event and have a fabulous time..I know I am:)

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